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Seo Jihye is still on my side family pub life

Troubled minds with life bars Seo Jihye daughter ended tears

Seo Jihye has unfortunately this is the story of a family looking to finish four shed tears pub life.

25Sun Life bar, the actress Seo Jihye, Soyul appeared it went on a frank talk.

Seo Jihye

Seo Jihye

Seo Jihye soyul then he is usually known as the best friend nwatda day life heard of a bar man was also simkung make a whole world of Kim Huicheol.

Seo Jihye

Seo Jihye is seen in the images broadcast indeyo would have lived to see such images do not suffer from a wealthy family once only daughter

The wealthy and an only child and was far from.

Seo Jihye

Seo Jihye day are saying that there is prejudice in the vicinity, but haetneundeyo say I grew up just plainly in the ordinary house

Seo Jihye

In particular, there was a time when the school days parents do not like this situation should be a dual-income family.

In fact, LOTS two days until the house is not that a few billion asset when in reality little sprained sits up on a pile of Light

Seo Jihye

No knowing what is the reason I had a hard time even parents Seo Jihye

Seo Jihye is I had a daughter in the house think that the mental burden considerably attend a vocational high school in the idea that they'll quickly earn money

The motivation think haeteotdago graduate and earn money quickly in society.

Seo Jihye was in the house at the time that this situation, I'm even going to university can not afford to give my tuition..

Seo Jihye

But by a year about one time when I was a high school sophomore debut as a street entertainer cast to a whopping 15 million won moatdago.

Seo Jihye

It's a great big money

Mother to be careful of syeotdago Then he carefully pulled out the stories you have collected money to Seo Jihye

Seo Jihye is saying I'd like your grandparents'll lend money

I did not at all worth

Seo Jihye

Of course not inde Žižek family


But the Shin Dongyeop had heard the story was this story

In cases parents stance that such talk ... But it's really hell, hell saying about you say so ... "I said the horse did itji.

Seo Jihye

Viewers also ㅠ deogunyo termination chest tightness. ㅠ

Seo Jihye

Seo Jihye

But now it is not syeotdago Seo Jihye glad to help pay off debt a lot more like.

Sometimes there even when I do think that all the families have to care so much that you even deulttae to the idea that age is still on my side is the family.

Seo Jihye

In any home, there a house without bending

But can one be healthy and good friends are beside you think that greater happiness than money.

Seo Jihye

But deuneyo out more see life bar

In the meantime, only the stars were many broadcasts to hear the stories of stars have surgery to see you put off your inner thoughts with cup also makes sense that people just see more packed citing the idea that ordinary people broadcast yiguna.

I hope to continue life hit the bar nasigil.

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