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Moon Huijun cones Boy controversy, HOT gallery

1Generation idol group HOT Moon Huijun boycott had emerged as the entertainment industry hot issues.
Over the past 20 days, HOT DC Inside Gallery became a "Moon Huijun supporting withdrawal statement" published.

Moon Huijun
According to Moon Huijun boycott not withdraw a statement, "Moon Huijun was given a blast of criticism from the public eudae began a solo career in rock music fans and dongrak bundling and overcome difficult times. But military service it public as the recovery reputation Moon Huijun had abandoned the humble beginning to show a variety of inappropriate remarks and attitudes, "he said.

Moon Huijun
Following "the agency's Moon Huijun Koen Star is not involved in any administrative Fan Club singer and entertainer, excluding parts, All work associated with shows and merchandise fan club is said and managed directly by Moon Huijun and Fan Club Executives ".

Moon Huijun

Moon Huijun boycott of reasons 'attitude towards the fans', "Deceive the fans and the public as the obvious lie ', "Sexless concert-quality", "Members reunited with the relevant compared thoughtless words and actions', He cited "illegal merchandise sales and tax evasion allegations'.

Moon Huijun

Also attach a detailed explanation of why the Moon Huijun 5 kinds of boycotts in Annex.

Scary turned more anti paensim
Moon Huijun is knocked faced the worst debut 21 years.
20Continued support over the years that it is not in bonaedeon enthusiasts have turned their backs Moon Huijun will Moline at the end of the cliff.

Moon Huijun
Boycott is not a painful one can not have it unless there was Moon Huijun JYJ Park Yucheon for a particular celebrity

Moon Huijun
Moon Huijun This boycott is not withdrawn it seems clear that the Moon Huijun will not cope with the fuse hangeotyi unprofessional for intellectual fans did wadatji be honest to the fans for.

Moon Huijun
Moon Huijun hand side has not announced an official position on this boycott.

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