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Vergence announcer Defcon brother Fighting!

Vergence to the announcer appeared on one night and two days gave a big smile.

21The broadcast a two-day close members pyeolchyeot lunch with bokbulbok changyoung alma mater elementary school clubs for children Ryu Hyeonjin.

Bokbulbok day loans are a baseball announcer and vergence Jeong Mincheol neundeyo commentators appeared to have caught the eye vergence announcer say that prayer haetneundeyo fan of Defcon Defcon give in regards to receiving the broadcast day has created a strange atmosphere,.

Vergence 2 days and 1 night

The first showdown in exchange for a simple game in which the cans stand on the human members gave a laugh and unique bickering.

The second confrontation "My dream is to strikeout king," It was a game to throw the ball to get it right the doll on the phase.

1Night 2 Days

1Night 2 Days

Cha Taehyeon Kim Junho has emerged as the second did not meet the doll standing on five pitches to me first pitcher surprised everyone guess the five points in the first pitch.

Kim Jongmin is ryeotneundeyo make the astigmatism by hitting five points from the last pitch where members have fun like ttangeot also called Olympic gold.

Vergence 2 days and 1 night

This second confrontation took up a two-day members win. The last three rounds is a game in which one sliding into "My dream is doruwang 'Away team wins showdown changnyeongcho In Urban students were eventually wins the final victory went to students.

Vergence 2 days and 1 night

Following Defcon is putting the noodles gopbaegi haetneundeyo challenge sliding vergence The announcer "brother Fighting!"Defcon was cheering and shouting that did not conceal his smile.

Vergence 2 days and 1 night

Broadcast early haetneundeyo seemed a strange atmosphere of vergence hole and subsequent Defcon, but here iteotneundeyo two inverted vergence announcer was pulled Yun Yiyun from sliding open the active Defcon not the best player on the day, distinguished game.

Vergence 2 days and 1 night

Members gave a laugh Say "gyeolruk was rampant around Eastern Europe.".

Vergence Announcer

Vergence Announcer

Defcon gave a laugh to show the appearance of the inner is situated next to the vergence announcer Yun Siyun.

Also Jeong Mincheol is the worst of the Kim Jongmin distinguished as the best athlete was cited Jeong Junyoung.

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