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Kim Ja-in Lotte World Tower bare hands to conquer

Rock climbing athlete Kim Ja-in bare the fifth highest Lotte World Tower in the world they have succeeded in climbing.

Lotte World bare climb of the day Kim Ja-in is in progress to 'Kim Ja-in 555 Challenge' event.

Kim Ja-in is haetneundeyo started climbing with his bare hands from the Lotte World Tower 3 minutes 11:00 AM

Kim Ja-in

After starting the climb should be one hour 73 stories(325m)After checking the safety and physical condition at the point of recruiting the 10 minutes chyeoryeok start climbing again.

Kim Ja-in

2Kim Ja-in, only the time had exceeded 100 layers was reached Lotte World Tower rooftop 32 minutes at 1:00 pm.

Kim Ja-in has been completed, the climbing tower with only the structure itself without installing artificial climbing handle in this.

Kim Ja-in

Kim Ja-in

Kim Ja-in is whether to start climbing the 123 floor 10029 minutes 2 hours, Lotte World Tower on the top of the height of 555m in height isolated instance look as wide a smiley face.

Kim Ja-in

Busan Tower KNN past 2013(128m) And Seoul Myeongdong Department(84m) Kim Ja-in successful climb was the first successful climbers while this rose to Lotte World Tower climbing the tallest building in the country.

Kim Ja-in

Kim Ja-in

In addition, Kim Ja-in is the highest climber in the world, women would put right

Kim Ja-in is coming Climbing Challenge 2020 held the first gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics as an official Olympic sport.

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