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Lee Sechang married 13-year-old actor proposed in younger brides stage

The news of the actor reportedly remarried Lee Sechang.

Lee Sechang agency is "marries Lee Sechang 13 years younger colleagues gongyeongye" reported on the 17th, saying that "the bride will not learn colleague working in the same gongyeongye".
Lee Sechang wedding is that it will lend a theatrical stage performances to earn the wedding format.

Lee Sechang
1970In Gyeongbuk Yeongcheon former Lee Sechang is to start a theater actor at the time visual Journal attending the National University in 1990 and made his debut as a musical actor.

Lee Sechang
Handsome looks and a well-known car enthusiast Curry Lee Sechang each other neunda heard a lot of talk that the ref comedian Lee Sanghun and brothers were known as rimarioh.

Lee Sechang
Also debuted seconds, I'd heard a lot of stories neundaneun excessively so, only resemblance to Jang year 47 serago are also proud of their appearance during the incredibly.

Lee Sechang
1997I have a year Miss Korea actor Jean gimjiyeon and last marriage in 2003 had divorced in 2013.
I did not even spare the Lee Sechang jeonhamyeonseo marriage news I'd had quite lovable Lee Sechang careful because I am married, but the bride first marriage is caring for the other person.

Lee Sechang
Lee Sechang has had a "bride dating for two years,. In fact, I'm divorced and very tough 2013, He lived hard and toured January digs. Now jogeumsik lives are going to find a place, When no number of downed hide and love to. So I've decided to announce the marriage news was thinking, "he said," If I downed two years to 50 years. Doegetda no longer mirumyeon. Now I think you got the desire to meet openly, "he said the marriage news preached.

Lee Sechang

I'd say the younger the bride Lee Sechang 13 years nayicha also sheds a lot Plus I think it was not an easy thing Lee Sechang receive remarry as allowing parents.

Lee Sechang
In Lee Sechang house that I was going to bring heoncha Thanks to a girlfriend, but the bride's home, I think you quite worried to get permission from parents of the girl who was the eldest daughter unmarried friends
Fortunately, I'm a craftsman and mother-in-law had given willingly accepted.
Cause it could win the child's parents..
Lee Sechang 13 years younger bride who is?
Bride's Lee Sechang the arc I called to learn that batik performances Lee Sechang this I'd not seen just walking holding hands in the street once while dating for two years, I'd met the bride of working as a scuba instructor Now that you have a wedding announcement heart seems to be, feel free to walk holding hands.

Lee Sechang
The Lee Sechang and the bride is going to lend it to the stage this fall to raise the play as the wedding type.

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