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Lee Hyehun, Should Accept Secretary?

Lee Hyehun, Moon Jae-do government ministers accepted?
Lee Hyehun right party lawmaker has become a focus attention on whether or not to accept the Minister.

Lee Hyehun
Lee Hyehun right party lawmakers appeared on the 17th TBS Radio "very well done for the Moon Jae-President. Scary too well that preached ".

Lee Hyehun
Also in the last 16 days, with the Democratic Party Lee Cheolhui Senator channel A 'outsiders the "appearance on saying" preparing to announce a spectacular in people with primary sleep right parties dangjeok tip as insider "balhimyeo called initials L may be H the lawmaker has called me right apical Lee Hyehun is known as a leading candidate.

Lee Hyehun

Lee Hyehun Rep. Born in Busan in 1964 and Seoul National University economics graduate of the Masan First Girls' High School and received a business degree from the United States UCLA.

Lee Hyehun
Since the United States and the Rand Corporation is active in the Korea Development Institute Fellow is elected for the last Seoul Seocho district Party lawmakers in the 17th general election in 2004 was entered in the National Assembly.

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