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Flaming Youth Seo Jeonghui new members to join

The Seo Jeonghui is joined by a new member of the Flaming Youth.
The appearance of new friends Seo Jeonghui was published in the last 16 days the broadcast "burning youth 'notice next week.
At the end fiery youth crew naetneundeyo self curiosity Say "comes a new friend."

Seo Jeonghui
Members reported that Valero behind Seo Jeonghui "This is the last picture that", "No way coming geonya 30s?"Said haetneundeyo amazing

Seo Jeonghui

Seo Jeonghui
As the public face of Seo Jeonghui fiery youth members as well as viewers are also higher expectations for Seo Jeonghui Flaming Youth.

Seo Jeonghui
Seo Jeonghui has appeared on March sbs 'good morning' haetneundeyo also convey what they're up to start a new life after divorce

Seo Jeonghui
At the time Seo Jeonghui he has also confessed that "even out tteoeo breast tumor end uterine tumors also found tteoeo side," said, "because with it took a lot of depression," he means "to try to pull a lot of the stress that comes from life.".

Seo Jeonghui

Seo Jeonghui is haetneundeyo start the entertainment lifestyle with ppophimyeon standing at the time of high school model
While he married in 1983 and had to retire seosewon.

Seo Jeonghui
Seosewon and Seo Jeonghui wedding story if you search for "seosewon Seo Jeonghui" was a lot of public broadcasting in the meantime I will not mention in my story anymore because they have tremendous article.

2015Seo Jeonghui in a divorce began to stand alone after.
Since morning, the yard, Good morning, Haetneundeyo appeared like pumpkin seeds, etc. The Real Story Snow

Seo Jeonghui
It appeared that the fiery youth to arts programs seem to be fixed first time after divorce.
It showed a lot of good friends, smile and peer-century broadcasting.

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