Sung Yu-ri anseonghyeon bride married in May

1Three Sung Yu-ri in the past 15 days Finkle know who was a member of the group has made a professional golf anseonghyeon weddings.
Celebrity weddings are a lot of people turn become the marketing went kind of attention also has all the details of the wedding guests and the wedding dress articles

Sung Yu-ri anseonghyeon marriage
However, Sung Yu-ri anseonghyeon marriage jyeotneyo known after the wedding is over
It seems to be a rare case.

Sung Yu-ri anseonghyeon marriage
About quietly underwent unannounced wedding agency is focused on each other and two people in a relaxing atmosphere haetneundeyo ago did not know in advance you want to spend quiet

Sung Yu-ri anseonghyeon marriage
Sung Yu-ri also packs write this information on hand to convey the news to marry his fan cafe.
Sung Yu-ri has also preach that "I did not get to preach to those who wish to spend a quiet and reverent heart, I'm sorry in advance and sorry again.".

Sung Yu-ri anseonghyeon marriage

Once the wedding date is a public crowd, many reporters and fans will not like this spirit that I think will
Sung Yu-ri in anseonghyeon married now left with only Finkle Some members of unmarried Ohk Juhyun.
Finkle's Lee Hyo, Sung Yu-ri, Binary, The place consists of a group of four people Ohk Juhyun yieotneundeyo

Sung Yu-ri anseonghyeon marriage
2013 is the last Hyo be the first fellow singer Lee Sang-soon and the wedding live on Jeju Island and the binary was also a topic up for a wedding in Hawaii with her husband of two years in June 2016 reminded.

Sung Yu-ri anseonghyeon marriage
Sung Yu-ri in many marriages Finkle members Ohk Juhyun raising even a wedding I'm interested
Yet Ohk Juhyun marriage news is imparted to eopneyo

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