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Lee Sung-Kyung Cho Hae-Jung live broadcasts of women less women?

It has been said that a woman less of a woman.
On the spot along with wanting to look better than others, I think it looks better, and I want everyone.
Of course, some people do not like bouncing, but most people know is the fact that it is I want to shine more than others.

Lee Sung-Kyung Cho Hae-Jung
A common example is a strange law that must refrain from the guests who attended the wedding wearing a white dress.
Story can not be absolute sympathy as men, but that there will be no secret to the law among women.
That's why we say it is called 'Do not you see yippeuge than the bride'.

Lee Sung-Kyung Cho Hae-Jung
The live broadcast Cho Hae-Jung Lee Sung-Kyung Lee Seonggyeong is also looking at enough events that can be misunderstood at that point.
연예인으로 조혜정 보다 더 인지도 가 높은 이성경이 동 시간에 같은 라이브 방송을 하게 되었고 이성경의 라이브 방송에 네티즌들이 몰리는 상황이 되었다. 더불어 방송 중 대화도 논란이 된 것이다.

Lee Sung-Kyung Cho Hae-Jung

It seems to think I drama "fairy vice gimbokju" Lee Sung-Kyung Cho Hae-Jung in this appeared to be another character angsuk andago between two good people in reality.

Lee Sung-Kyung Cho Hae-Jung
That's the problem may go beyond, as among the group members, not without dramas or movies, or even disagreements once a big deal even live broadcast of this Lee Sung-Kyung Cho Hae-Jung far

Lee Sung-Kyung Cho Hae-Jung
In the meantime, we've seen the atmospheres of discord between the actor and singer who appeared together on TV seems to see this as Lee Sung-Kyung Cho Hae-Jung also controversial, such attention.

Lee Sung-Kyung Cho Hae-Jung
Lee Seonggyeong is finally leaving the post on a great opportunity to score following a lengthy explanation Cho Hyejeong's agency said the reason eopeotdago elapsed nerve.

Despite the clarification, and Lee Seonggyeong Lee Sung-Kyung Cho Hae-Jung still Instagram of two people has to be run without the associated comments.

Lee Sung-Kyung Cho Hae-Jung
I not already have two people I think would eopji Why create a controversy anymore.

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