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Debut 33 years divorced actress yijaeeun

The actor reportedly yijaeeun the news that divorce.
Called yijaeeun had a husband and a divorce settlement earlier this year,. The two men said while the divorce was consensual to support the pace of each other.

The agency of the grass two yen Am yijaeeun official haetneundeyo ago that "currently check whether a divorce to me," said "private parts away agency also does not know" about the divorce yijaeeun

Yijaeeun this in an interview with the medium “Well well separated. Well it was resolved” Tell recognized that divorce.

But it gave no reason for the divorce yijaeeun.

1980Born in 2017 yijaeeun a beret derang performer of the year debut 33 years.
2006Haetneundeyo nine years married to my aunt's choreographer of years older than he grimace rapidly after the age of marriage, but also the story of the birth as possible whether it is in fact the state is not yet a child.

Yijaeeun itjyo time is not come back to the old look, but is that a 10kg loss
But I have wonak disc yippeuda years that I hear a lot of jjyeodo say yet yippeuda.



Yijaeeun yijaeeun is his debut as a featured kbs1 drama 'Equator wires "1985 has starred while later in kbs drama" land "as a child choesuji start informing your face.

80A moment's late until recently has appeared in drama movie without breaks.
Yijaeeun is indeyo learn a lot of families suffer captivity

Because mothers all the series trying to help his father and his father's business failure of the business that will continue to earn money.

Yijaeeun batdeon pure and attention with a cute image of a child actor who is also the reason that the jjikge the 'yellow head' movie scene exposure actually appeared to pay off the light because the family.
Yijaeeun was born tears did not even say it's too blame when you go back to the past in 2008, the father of bile duct cancer yijaeeun.
Yijaeeun starring drama
1985Featured in KBS1 drama "Equatorial wires" – An orphan girl Station
1987KBS1 year drama "land" – Children choeseohui Station(Choesuji a child)
1988In KBS2 drama "Heaven ah ah heaven." – Hong hyegyeonggung Station(Ha Hee-ra infantile)
1990Featured in KBS2 8.15 "years of the dynasty." – Min Gapwan Station(Lee Deokhui a child)
1993In KBS2 drama "January" – Little Kristen Station(Yiahro a child)
1994In KBS2 drama "Han Myung-hoi" – Blob(Han Myung-hoi of cheotjjaettal) station
1995MBC-year Special Drama "Love and War" – Jeongnim stations
1995Featured in Changsha MBC drama "chanpum terminal" – Children Park Wolnam Station(Lee Youngae infantile)
1996In KBS2 drama "Jo Gwang-jo" – Hong huibin Station
1996KBS1 year drama "Tears of the Dragon" – Lung Yu sejabin Station
1997Eleven years SBS sitcom "OK corral" – The youngest daughter Station
1998It featured enjoying the cool breeze in KBS2 drama "home of the legendary" – Hand yellowfin Station
1998In KBS2 Mini Series "Kiss of Angels" – Mirror the devil yisomi Station
1999In KBS2 Mini Series "School" – Kim Seunghui Station
2000In KBS2 Miniseries "I like her." – Choeseungmi Station
2000In MBC youth sitcom "New Nonstop" – Yijaeeun Station
2001In KBS2 drama "The Last Empress" – Chapter sanggung(Attribution Chang) station
2002Eleven years MBC soap opera, "Miss Mermaid" – Do Marine Station
2003KBS2 eleven-year soap opera "Hello! spaniel" – Gilja Station
2004In SBS drama "land" … Bong Soon / gasification station
2004In MBC Sunday morning drama "mulkkot villagers" – Chaeunsu Station
2004EBS-year cultural history series "The Countess Myeongdong" – Jeonhyerin Station
2005EBS-year cultural history "series is still the Buckeyes" – Jeonhyerin Station
2005KBS1 one-act plays in "HD TV's Literature – None LA, It is forgotten. " – Jang Huibin Station
2006In SBS drama "Yeon" – Sui Obin Station
2007In MBC weekend soap opera "Moon Hee" – Munhyeon Station
2008Friday in SBS drama "Bichunmoo" – Voice Cast
2009Eleven years MBC soap opera "will salmat" – Eom Huisuk Station
2010Four years MBC drama "byeolsungeom Season 3" – Han Sohui Station
2011JTBC year drama "arguments against" – Source of Han Myung-hoi, Min Station
2016Breakfast in SBS drama "Woman of my son-in-law." – Oh youngsim Station
2017In MBC weekend soap opera, "You too." – Income Line Station


Yijaeeun starring movie
1986year: Wooroemae
1987year: oil well
1988year: Claim 2 of the
1989year: Three tosses and dengue stone
1990year: The youngsim, Robot Taekwon V, Little Godfather
1992year: Hong Ke shrine, Come back to the boy frog
1993year: gate crasher
1995year: Light in My Heart
1999year: Yellow hair, Century
2000year: Jakarta
2003year: Five, Natural City, DMZ, DMZ
2005year: Mudeungsan Tarzan, Bakheungsuk

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