After mousse (Hummus) Creating and efficacy

After the moose is?

After the mousse is a food spread Chief of the Middle East to create a chickpea.

After the mousse is essential indeyo food should not really important in recent years gained a lot of popularity in the Middle East but around the world in the Middle East Ara meals.

After mousse, but also because the products sold in the market, most people enjoying the after moose is gonna make yourself at home, prefer to eat because the available mass production of good quality and fresh than the moose after the material.

After mousse

After I make mousse thicken ground with chickpeas soaked overnight in water level and various spices

After the most important chickpeas soaked in water(A day or night) It is enough to boil us into a blender.

After mousse

The change that I put together the lemon juice

In addition, the lemon juice, then Mousse to add spice to taste mainly of garlic, olive oil, Salt, Create putting pepper, etc..

After mousse

Chicks that are the main ingredient of soy after the moose is a name given to resemble the Messenger protruding part of the chick's beak in the middle of the Egyptian Beans, Chikpi(chick pea) Also known as such.

Chickpea efficacy?

After mousse

The fiber contained in the chickpea is a chapter by actively exercising is a good effect to relieve constipation.

I also said that the ability to absorb the excreted cholesterol

It contains calcium and magnesium, to the effect that for strong bones and muscles.

The potassium contained in the chickpea is an effect that prevents swelling as a kind of ditch Mine and discharge of sodium in the body with nopemul in Xinjiang.

After mousse

The zinc contained in the chickpea is I'm helping the regeneration of the cells of the body's growth and skin inflammation, It can also help the wound healing effects.

In dueotdaga a thin muslin cloth which covered the night on the plants receive these acids wring the cloth in the morning at the bottle used as an aphrodisiac and bronchitis India, cholera, Constipation, diarrhea, Indigestion, Abdominal distension, Use for treatment of heat stroke.

In the United States the main purpose is that I was used to germinate doeneundeyo soups and vegetable dishes available as a bean sprout.

After mousse

There is little buds and immature pod can also be used to create a pool and used as animal feed that I'd like to use spinach leaf extract is that I have a number of organic acids used as medicines or vinegar

In Chile, the chick peas and milk 4:1It should also mixed in the treatment of children suffering from diarrhea.


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