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Saimdang deployed endgame beyond imagination

Lee 'starring Song Seung Heon's Saimdang, Light Diary’ Leave the last episode has been amplified questions.

Saimdang endgame

For the last episode produced Saimdang officials “today(4Work) Unveiled last episode is going to be a Recurrence that can solve all the questions of viewers” Innovation “Aeteut and expanded beyond imagination and stimulate the vague emotions and am looking forward different views to be the last episode you can reap the beauty of yujong” Said that.

Saimdang endgame

Repeat the meeting and parting, and yigyeom(Song Seungheon)Seo Jiyun to revive(Lee Young-ae) While the advice to send to Italy yigyeom as I have a farewell Saimdang and yigyeom is awesome

As the two men that would ever look at two people in Italy, in the previously released stills released deployed unimaginable to think that this also applied to state meet in Italy.

Saimdang endgame

Meanwhile, with the last episode Saimdang Song Seung Hun and Lee Young-ae is haetneundeyo before the last inning Saimdang OLD message

Saimdang endgame

Lee Youngae is “Editing, including the bishop and jakganim pre-production, but who strive for better work until the end of the broadcast from the start, record, The officials and staff of the music, It taps sincere thanks to the staff and fellow actors who painstakingly minutes to shoot for a long time” He said preach the appreciation in Saimdang broadcasters “That is also the Saimdang OLD sadly felt in the position of the viewer” He preached.

Saimdang endgame

Song Seungheon is “Figures of fiction that explore yigyeom is that in recent years, yet in silence to help keep dumyeo put in mind frankly express their feelings of first love, tough character meonbalchi” Innovation “Shadows of Love yigyeom seems only was beautiful enough to hurt him. There was a process of adding your imagination to create interesting episodes” He preached.

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