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"The While You Were Sleeping" resin Sudan transformation

The resin was released hairstyles pictures hair makeover Sudan.
Resin head Tete indeyo be cut drastically for the drama 'in While You Were Sleeping' SBS drama

Resin Sudan
I've been sticking to the resin from the debut long hair so short seconds whether Sudan to head for the first time.

Resin Sudan

Resin Sudan
But if the head or when the road or when a single-head what you do not seem to have a pretty consistent thing.
The incident appeared to unfortunate events swarming to the resin is someone with a new SBS drama 'You sleep in between' to advance the character can be seen in the dreams of starring resin.

Resin Sudan
Lee Jong-seok also said I was to prevent the resin dreams become reality served as a test of the military-to-station
Let's look forward to once Chemie resin and Lee Jongseok.

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