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Im Soo-hyang was SNL9 Hibiscus flower bloom

The actor imsu fragrant surprise appearance on SNL9.
Im Soo-hyang is SNL9 preach the news appeared on his Instagram "snl live!!"Neundeyo posted that article
Please notice side looked SNL Im Soo-hyang expectations "SNL much flavor out imsu. Please come, saying - "I notice Im Soo-hyang side SNL9 be broadcast on April 1.

Im Soo-hyang

Im Soo-hyang is the last Hanyang E 2015&'I was five, and then signed an exclusive contract with M, 'La breezes blow ah, showed good acting skills, as well as in the drama "Shaolin fists clenched", "Homemade veteran talk show ', While it is appearing like 'know your brother' to give you the right to show the stuck Im Soo-hyang in the performing arts.

Im Soo-hyang

Im Soo-hyang

Im Soo-hyang is that it will exert no pity hidden gags instinct Im Soo-hyang gorgeous and off the urban image in this SNL9 far demonstrated in the film drama.

Im Soo-hyang

I do not laugh, no matter how people can not not laugh looking at SNL Im Soo-hyang SNL9 will show you what kind of already look.

Im Soo-hyang

Im Soo-hyang

Im Soo-hyang 'Hibiscus flowers have bloomed’

Im Soo-hyang was the KBS1 new drama 'Mugunghwa flowers bloom’ I'd like to appear

The novel as we know it, was Sharon flower bloom’ I do not think the

Im Soo-hyang

"Mugunghwa flowers bloom has appeared imsu flavor’ I guess at the Sharon to talk to the police insignia Sharon

Yeosungyeong "Im Soo-hyang’ The excitement to a variety of facts and gapdeul away from the police hierarchy, Refreshing, Green called the process of Invigorating overcome with herbal and jaetan as the owner of a stronger mentality works.

It is Mugunghwa flowers bloom scent appeared to imsu is currently being broadcast, "Shine hermit’ 5 comes with the subsequent month will broadcast.

Im Soo-hyang

In-law kept loyal maid agency, Im Soo-hyang

Im Soo-hyang recent agency Hanyang E&M and the exclusive contract was expired, that the contract re not looking for another agency.

Im Soo-hyang

Im Soo-hyang agency Hanyang E&M is haetneundeyo ago that would help the "Im Soo-hyang's innate sense of commitment and overlapping gifted actor," said Im Soo-hyang triumphantly to the actor and look forward to Im Soo-hyang down a good look at the performing arts activities.

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