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Lee, Sang - Woo Yeon brilliant actor couple married in June

Actor Lee, Sang - Woo Yeon June ups wedding.
In September, it announced a couple Yeon Lee, Sang - Woo official actors inform the devotees news olrindago June wedding to bring the 28 days ambivalent sanggyeonrye through bilateral agency.

Lee, Sang - Woo Yeon
Both actors have more pleasure actor called two married posts you liked my story.
1994Kim Soyeon debuted in dinosaur grade teacher haetneundeyo injury to the teen stars suddenly debuted childhood
So Kim Soyeon What was this incredibly common antipaen 1990.

Lee, Sang - Woo Yeon
At the time Yeon Kim Soyeon who triumphantly to the actor's best contemporary group HOT, Neundeyo two days to climb on stage with many Sechs Kies Yet now suffer from various rumors.
And engages days Kim Soyeon This was the peak of image making pretty Chuck had many female fans are really anti scare.

Lee, Sang - Woo Yeon
In two days I was actually Yeon stage with then 17-year-old jojanghyeok really fans had booed severely abusive sent to Kim Soyeon Yeon also talk cried for two hours in the bathroom.
When one is far susceptibility aemin Kim Soyeon who I think would have been a really tough day-to-day.

Lee, Sang - Woo Yeon
But after the smoke downwind Obstetrics haetneundeyo continue in 1998, In the same year SBS weekend theater "I love you I love you.", Since 'seungbusa' gwangkki, All of Eve, The Three Musketeers, Iris. Prosecutor Princess, Athena, And by "radioactive gahwa only 'haejun met Lee Sangwoo starred in 36 movies, dramas and 6 and is now referred to as a medium to learn their place firmly Actor.

Lee, Sang - Woo Yeon

In particular, the last broadcast in 2015 we got married was also an opportunity to show the charm not seen in the broadcast while Kim Soyeon properly.

Lee, Sang - Woo Yeon

I thought pretty good actor Chuck Chuck I thought while watching the sun with bright smiling Kim Soyeon pure sensibility in the mid 30s lovely girl're awful.

Lee, Sang - Woo Yeon

Lee Sangwoo Kim Soyeon as a wedding announcement is really a great actor's fall
Key looked large and well neundeyo boyeoseo just do not know the drama that image grunge actual character thinks like you better

Lee, Sang - Woo Yeon
As a result two people really seem to match very well.
If you think marriage will live so much better yippeuge alcohol dalkong axis will advance Marriage.

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