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Han Chae-ah next generation grimace devotees admit 36-year-old actress confessed

Han Chae-ah next generation grimace devotees after the initial recognition reported in six days

Han Chae-ah next generation grimace devotees turned out to be true. 열애설 최초 보도 6일 만에 한채아가 차세찌와 열애를 인정 했습니다.

The last two days had reported that Han Chae-ah grimace next generation is under one year of devotees

But after yeolaeseol reports of two people in the Han Chae-ah agency is not a devotee of the two balhimyeo fact that between friends of the two men denied yeolaeseol.

But this time I have a crucifix and Han Chae-ah the next generation devotees being said abrupt confession

CGV movie in the last eight days Wangsimni that "temporary special agent media previews’ 가 있었는데 이자리에서 한채아는 수많은 기자들 앞에서 당당하게 차세찌와 열애 사실을 고백했습니다.

Han Chae-ah have to say "personally at the end of ceremony. 열애설 보도에 대해 여러부분 오해가 있다” He said, "It's a pretty grimace with next-generation encounters fact that" it is a bomb.

Han Chae-ah said, "First, costs are sorry heart. Something the company and it seems that the difference between my position, "said" The company seems to think this should not give the damage to the movie ahead of the opening so large balhyeotdeon position me to care about the heart. But is it true with the press and his good meeting. I hide my nature was uncomfortable, "he preached, saying he was hard after a mind yeolaeseol Press.

Following the Han Chae-ah “The agency and the only one never to share personal stories do not say things”And "dwaeseo to say this without any company and on those who think that I'm sorry for the agency," he preached.

In addition, Han Chae-ah said, "had a lot of trouble one yeolaeseol this news and how to communicate this fact" naetneundeyo heard the sorry mind about the next generation grimace and family Han Chae-ah "The great His careful seureowotdeon area for families would not cause any inconvenience," he said I said that.

After Han Chae-ah is recognized as the next generation devotees grimace at the press premiere of temporary special agent Kang Ye-won Han Chae-ah is haetneundeyo side appeared as a guest on sbs radio "Radio eonnine '

Interest in Lee Kang Ye-won has said he was already aware of the fact that a devotee of Han Chae-ah.

Kang Ye-won's "I knew that dating is Han Chae-ah. It was quite long. This guy does not hide behind. The horse had me preach that "it is also.

Meanwhile, Han Chae-ah age age 36 years old this year, next-generation crucifix cut is reminiscent of two people born swallowing a couple of four-year-old to 32-year-nayicha

The entry of the company seem to think haetneun negative Speaking to the actress who ran a recent peak of popularity, and the day after the movie opened immediately make love Han Chae-ah looks hiding your loved ones know that matters, but himdeuleotna.

Han Chae-ah next generation grimace while in contact with devotees news “Eopguna the world's people without worries” Again I feel that.

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