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Kim Gidu viewers tears ocean made the story

Learn the story Kim Gidu the difficult times and rang the viewers' hearts.
Kim Gidu the radio star has appeared in the last 1 day.

Kim Gidu appeared dead to the underworld station in the OLD and goblins Recently ryeotneundeyo know the right face to viewers
In fact goblins before, even though we were not able to appear on several TV stations in proportion.

Kim Gidu

Supporting that a large proportion no more than the celebrities in the broadcast media and many more smoke were indeyo's true, too true facts did Kim Gidu.

Of course, abide manjiman those who rise to the rank of a star is really hard and difficult it true.

Kim Gidu

Kim Gidu the mother and the story in the broadcast day it was spilled tears
Just think if the people who live Kim Gidu mother tears I do not think I'm unaware of cases born in the house, plenty of money, I do not know precious home I grew up in an ordinary person would shed tears if you think Mother ....

Kim Gidu


Kim Gidu day that I'm a temperate mourning jeonhaja the news that my mother appeared on the Radio Star
Kim Gidu I'm deuryeotneunde the phone saw the Radio Star Pre-meeting said "a lot woosyeotda" But appearances are confirmed deuryeotdeoni telephone syeotdago mother awful right
TT I'd syeotdago "We're gidu now that the star," said Wu greatly. TT
Heard the story so much that he Kim Gidu is ㅠ much trouble deuldeogunyo an an idea how was the son did not like dachilkka bar firmly expressed sympathies for the mother. ㅠ

Kim Gidu

But Kang Ye-won Han Chae-ah and stories, playing the audience appeared with the day off iteotneundeyo
It was just Kim Gidu college tuition talk.

Kim Gidu
Kim Gidu did Kim Gidu that day was to spend the money in this or that house, living matter eotneunde two together at the time of admission to college tuition to pay the entrance fee to the school at the time there was a mother to work in Factory
My mother cell phone doegetda intermittent loss is not "based duya money to call your friend ... Come on, I came back to the "call of.
The story is, and I Kim Gidu jyeotneunde the hot tears

Kim Gidu

Kim Gidu
Son would sympathies of the mother would be like to have that talk TT. TT
The Kim Gidu there is going to break the "mother university that I know to be successful," said the story came my mother smiled and phone calls.

Kim Gidu
Mother "was money," he'd told Kim Gidu and mother on the phone and crying alone I'm coworkers who have given us collect money provided tuition TT asked the people who work colleagues said, "Why do you, however," Let's talk the matter. TT

Kim Gidu
My mother said you've mastered the word "group duya got there.".
Tuition will be abandoned over time, this is Kim Gidu I say a little different kind of mother to wait when it comes to the two won wonmugwa minute independent staff is really nice gatdeogunyo minutes

Kim Gidu
This story that I had to say, "We'll not be able to go home for gidu student tuition mother called slowly coming yeah.".
He said he is waiting for the mother turned off the lights in the hallway in the hall way and there I wonmugwa bulreotdago called "group duya" ㅠ. ㅠ

Kim Gidu

Kim Gidu
I'm in the story is Kang Ye-won Han Chae-ah was spilled tears Kim Gidu If you still have your eyes saying my mother had just jumped from the end of the hallway haetneundeyo say that now that seonhada

Kim Gidu

Kim Gidu

When the college was when inde TT 19-year-old ㅠ doeeoteulkkayo how wounds in the chest. ㅠ
Kim Gidu after telling my mother to pay tuition Despite the bus coming back and the mother is the best late fee will graduate the first thing that you graduate to the real one, etc..

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