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Cho Yunhui, Lee devotee lover in Kemi

Actor Lee Dong Gun Cho Yunhui devotees news was delivered.

Cho Yunhui, Lee two men became recognized and turned out to be a good step to start feeling Chemie has developed into a real lover in the drama, the devotees.
John Cho Yunhui, Lee is breathing matchwotneunde couples together in the last 26 days OLD one KBS2 TV Drama Laurel tailor Shrine

Cho Yunhui, Lee

In two laurel tailor gentleman who was tough.But ignored so colossal goal before the wedding Lovers…

Cho Yunhui, Lee couples I'd felt a crush on each other, aligning breath with drama

Hush while shooting the drama intercepting you had noticed.

Cho Yunhui, Lee

If a house dating from the company only two who did not know the other people I know - There 's a tale of the
The two men, Lee Cho Yunhui As you might have already stayed hush did notice the staff were intercepting all.

Cho Yunhui, Lee

However, the position of the crush Cho Yunhui, Lee has had since it was a meeting between the delay seems to have been only two men crush each other, both literally

Cho Yunhui, Lee
However, this news did not break, Lee delay electrolytic As the situation is a little different.

Cho Yunhui, Lee

Dong Kurn Lee delay, but tell the news broke last two May 2, the fact that the last two people I already broke

Cho Yunhui, Lee

While this delay was split open the heart to Cho Yunhui, Lee, the two people that will develop into lovers.

When I mean easy cleanup

Cho Yunhui, Lee
Dong Kurn Lee is delayed departure of these stories had a break last year after two people broke Cho Yunhui, Lee has developed into a romantic relationship.

Cho Yunhui, Lee

1980Born in 1982, Lee and Cho Yunhui Saint indeyo just two difference two years old do not age, similar to how similar is also consensus.

Cho Yunhui, Lee
Cho Yunhui, Lee two people he saw seemed'm meeting some great little resemblance today to the goal Please Marriage.

Cho Yunhui, Lee
Meanwhile Cho Yunhui am and will proceed to the "Raise the volume of Cho Yunhui 'on KBS Cool FM seemed to confess the fact that devotees from today's program.

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