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We had more alcohol than youth burning rice Yang Sugyeong

The fiery youth Yang Sugyeong confessed that while hidden soknae.

21일 불타는 청춘에 양수경이 새로운 친구로 합류 했는데요 불타는 청춘 에서 양수경은 세월이 흘렀지만 여전히 변함없는 미모로 청춘들과 시청자들을 열광하게 했다.

Yang Sugyeong
If you are Yang Sugyeong Yang Sugyeong after haetneundeyo official debut in the music industry as "You can not look at" 1988 Rising representative song 'Love is like the rain outside the window', "You are ', "You can not look ', 'Love is Cool Temptation', Itjyo such as "Where is the end of separation '

Yang Sugyeong
Yang Sugyeong're the artist gained a great popularity among the public for 80 years until the late 90s,
1998Years, the husband of Housewives and entertainment agency business since one did she marry his Byeon Duseop chairman of the agency representative associations Banana culture of July 9 years old, was awarded a fitting subject in force Eastern European Music Festival 1994.

Yang Sugyeong
In addition, the Chairman Byeon Duseop a relationship with then Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin participated in the preparation committee has also exercised a decisive influence to advance the genetic Business in Russia.

Yang Sugyeong

80In Yang Sugyeong's fiery youth it obtained the 90's most popular neundeyo seen the appearance not seen during the

Yang Sugyeong
Both Kim Gukjin from the burning youth has gives along the rice wine to Yang Sugyeong Let's say that "as much to the drink" Yang Sugyeong the "alcohol is the time to warm more people," he said Say, saying, "Have you ever eaten two years to drink more than enough rice." surprised haetneundeyo

Yang Sugyeong
Yang Sugyeong is followed by "sudden goes through several parting seems to be hoped the way the liquor Time passes," said the youth bodeon said that "I came out trying to not do that lived on its hands to yourself" at the Yang Sugyeong are nodding and understanding It was named expressions.

Yang Sugyeong

Yang Sugyeong was not just her husband's death had a hard Yang Sugyeong of geureodeo neundeyo became relatively active in the steam after marriage in 1998.

Since 2009 until the death of the sister really seems to overlap sent a hard time.

The Yang Sugyeong is that I'd like children and dried for burning youth appeared haengyeona worried how to run the malicious comments.

Yang Sugyeong
Yang Sugyeong ppatda bar is only pretend. "In fact, do not you ever talk shows pretty much processor. I thought only me more well-decorating will look like, "said" I have always lived with the singer Yang Sugyeong, Will put a lot of it lived the same, "he said said about the fiery youth appeared.

Yang Sugyeong

Yang Sugyeong has signed a contract with the agency, which belongs to Oscar ENT Bobby Kim on July 6 last 2016 released their first mini-album in 17 years and haetneundeyo comeback.

Yang Sugyeong
Now quit out of the grief we want you to good music in front of us.
Himnaeseyo ~

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