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Galaxy Note 8 dual camera mounted

Samsung has decided to mount a dual-lens camera is a sequel to the two Galaxy Note 8 of the Galaxy Note 7 "Discontinued battery-ignition problems.
According to Samsung officials said that in the last 17 days the final decision to mount a dual camera on the Galaxy Note 8 by the name of "Baikal" project was part Corp. a contract entered into development.

Galaxy Note 8

When the camera is mounted on a dual Galaxy Note 8 of the existing Samsung's first smartphone it will be equipped with dual cameras.

Samsung was trying to apply the dual cameras on March 29 scheduled to be released around the Galaxy S8 series was abandoned due to excessive cost that comes equipped with a dual-end pixel image sensor.

Galaxy Note 8

Dual image sensor applied to the Galaxy S8 is Maybe a mobile image sensor, applying the dual pixel technology into mass production in the second year, Samsung Electronics.
March last year, Samsung said neundeyo jungyirago production of 12 million pixel image sensor applied to next-generation mobile dual-pixel technology
Isometric pixel to apply the dual-cell technology in large pixel-based technology that can be taken to 1.4㎛ fast sharp image even in dark environments smartphone implements the phase difference auto focus DSLR camera level.

Galaxy Note 8

Generally, the basic unit pixel of the image sensor(Pixel)There is one photodiode to collect light, Dual Pixel Samsung are the two photodiodes're gotta integrated people detect a phase difference compared to the light that left two photodiodes are recognized respectively within a single pixel like to focus accurately rapidly in both eyes in one pixel bitgan distance is a way to focus and adjust to fit.

Galaxy Note 8

While Samsung's Galaxy series of dual cameras with delays competitors have already launched products equipped with dual cameras.
LG Electronics has equipped the G60 Dual cameras in that year the industry's first dual cameras V20 2 0 months 26 days showed that comes equipped with a line.
In addition, Apple has also equipped with dual cameras with dual cameras in China, Huawei was also P9 on the iPhone 7.

Galaxy Note 8

Dual camera lens are two of the possible two cameras using the core Highlight a DSLR to determine the depth of the image to be mounted implements it is also possible to shoot a wider field of view at the same distance to one of the camera.
In addition, dual cameras and regular cameras, each wide-angle camera lens, unlike the single one, A camera such as a combination of telescopic and can implement various functions.
Therefore, if the smartphone will feature differs from both LG Electronics with the existing Dual camera wide angle, Apple Highlight, Huawei has equipped a specialized dual camera black and white photo.

Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 8 price?
Dual cameras are equipped Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be a rate hike, compared to the existing Galaxy Note 7.
2-3 times expensive optical image stabilization compared to the price of a single camera, dual cameras(OIS) When you apply the function nandago the difference up to 3 to 5 times to.
Therefore, given that the factory of the Galaxy Note 7 was 988,900 Galaxy Note 8 is expected to exceed 1 million won.

The Galaxy Note 8 Release is expected to come 9 month.

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