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Alex broke down johyeonyoung 1 year 4 months devotees film

Alex was johyeonyoung officially recognized the breakup.
Johyeonyoung Alex is recognized as a devotee in the last 10 years May 16, 2015 devotees publish this history is the fact that the public would put devotee couple

Johyeonyoung time Alex is a relationship while starring together in "bands My Tutor Friend" has developed into lovers.

20Days after the breakup of the article published johyeonyoung Alex johyeonyoung side conceded a break.
Johyeonyoung For two reasons for this breakup is said that the recent away the girl group Rainbow naturally I spend a busy time in preparation for an activity other than the agency had a contract with a new actor, singer then disbanded.


Johyeonyoung Alex haetneundeyo also a big topic because of the then 12-year-old devotee public nayicha
12Year-old had overcome nayicha and openly disclose that the lovers have been turned away from a seonhubae lovers in four months devotees admit one year.


Johyeonyoung did was to make his debut in the entertainment industry group Rainbow youngest… SM아카데미 출신 인 조현영은 수능을 친 그 주에 데뷔했고 데뷔 당시 조현영은 자신을 ‘아찔한 막내’ 라는 컨셉을 밀어 붙이며 큰 인기를 얻었습니다.

Johyeonyoung are'm giddy that there is something else to charm the youngest group using such concepts.

Also johyeonyoung was also talk that after the recognition of Alex and devotees were "members of one of the above would be good for the romance" is "likely to be married the first of the members' activities, Rainbow Kim Jaegyeong this time.


Molding Spirit 'our ass Â’ That I have a nickname jikjjik of the University and local festivals, he had also referred this photo drinking water as many fans wonak our ass Â.

This is johyeonyoung meokdeut suck surrounding the whole bottle inlet mouth like what jjuju deulyimyeo straight germination has accentuated the tragedy happened because sometimes I drink water.

Johyeonyoung shop

Johyeonyoung is've been running a cafe called Sweet chyureoseu in Apgujeong Apgujeong yeoksegwon in johyeonyoung chyureoseu shop'm getting juicy flat nice caustic rain

Alex johyeonyoung
In recent years, he said the best designed after not like the open City State.

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