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I Live Alone frozen dirt and Ishi lived Jackpot

I live Ishikawa showed unloading cleaning the house alone anhaneun others look well alone.
Lee Si-eon is I go home and organize a relief pitcher Yun Hyeonmin and bedroom remodeled in or live alone.
But I'm wondering what the hell Ishikawa frozen home house inhabited

Ishikawa frozen
But even bother putting a man just let even cleaning live alone
Ishikawa's sister is really jackpot ㅋㅋ

Ishikawa frozen
17Me live alone, which broadcast a poem eonyi replace the usual furnishings haetneundeyo invite a hobby Yun Hyeonmin
The day the frozen Ishihara plans to remodel the dream master bedroom for four years with Yun Hyeonmin.

Ishikawa frozen
But no matter how a man lives alone in the house, but even if I'm too ㅋㅋ
More Articles should know the bonbang look at the pre-disclosure notice I was surprised.
What if there is a jeoreolsu Yun Hyeonmin Lee Si-eon and the sole world ㅋㅋ

Ishikawa frozen
Yun Hyeonmin is particularly looks even look for the graffiti on the accumulated dust box is full jackpot ㅋㅋ.
Ishi's language is "socks give up Yun Hyeonmin ... "I'd told that I should give getneyo ㅎㅎ

Ishikawa frozen

Yun Hyeonmin's I'd like to see and screamed his socks
Yun Hyeonmin, who saw a sock and the sole language sounds dull warehouse full 10 years mukhyeo ㅋㅋ

Ishikawa frozen

Ishikawa frozen
In particular, I'd like that, or a special gift that sieon house can be upgraded once the hotel to the yunhyeon Min Lee Si-eon According to the crew live alone.

Ishikawa frozen

Ishikawa frozen
What the hell hangeolkkayo any gifts ㅎㅎ hope after renovation and clean and clean the house from now on you like a well managed.
Is it contains a mouth that dust TT. TT

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