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It is the story from where Kim Gyuri yeolaeseol?

It conveyed the news that actress Kim Gyuri is the age of the general population of a businessman and second months of devotees.
According to Kim Gyuri Kim Gyuri devotees news coverage alone is several months jungyimyeo second devotees and the general public Boyfriend, Boyfriend of Kim Gyuri said that a businessman peers.

Kim Gyuri
Kim Gyuri also said that there yieoohgo a pretty serious meeting with her boyfriend.
Kim Gyuri yeolaeseol this is right he called "broadcasters" and "aides" often appeared in the stars yeolaeseol.

Kim Gyuri

In fact, neither, but if the Told yeolaeseol of nimdeul broadcasters and also aides in fact Eddie Cole
But this time was it true.

Kim Gyuri
Kim Gyuri businessman and public official recognition devotees -

Kim Gyuri
After Kim Gyuri yeolaeseol said the press did another article that iteotneundeyo just a minute Kim Gyuri Kim Gyuri yeolaeseol the fact that agency officials

Kim Gyuri
According to Kim Gyuri-side parties, "Kim Gyuri is public business and second months of the devotees," and preached that "I do not know Marital premise as of privacy".

Kim Gyuri

I mean the fact that Kim Gyuri'm not in a few months of age and the second devotees boyfriend and Kim Gyuri's position that because I do not know the actor's personal life whether for marriage as a prerequisite to meet

Kim Gyuri

Meanwhile, Kim Gyuri is I'm never mentioned about the Lee Sanghyeong in the past, Kim Chang Ryul's Old School
Kim Gyuri at the time of the "good old days people who favor giving me listen to my talk," said "now I want yeoteumyeon man giving a little comfort from each other through dialogue well and fit well in the snow. Man trying to look at my vision in my shoes. I've balhigido the Lee Sanghyeong Yes, "he said.

Kim Gyuri

By the way..

By the way..

By the way…

Haneungunyo that all false reports on Kim Gyuri yeolaeseol..

Such absurd events…

Kim Gyuri devotees recognition became a hot topic throughout the afternoon. But neundeyo said Kim Gyuri is a state of mind for yeolaeseol through their SNS.

Kim Gyuri is on his Instagram “Nani sleeping up jyeotneyo beautiful things will happen. Doedani the hero of yeolaeseol” Innovation “Although one is not true always kkumgu. Saenggimyeon a beautiful love, then I'll tell” Olrimyeo an article that said he neundeyo yeolaeseol is not true

Following Kim Gyuri is “I refer to the announced position in the company, I do not have agency” Innovation “I hustle just a dream” Said that.

Do you have these absurd events.

Who the hell minute that agency officials destination…..


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