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Radio Star Min Jinung whole school, including one eomchinah

The unique history of Min Jinung has attracted attention in the radio star
8One radio star has Min Jinung, Seo Hyeoncheol, Jang Hyeokjin, Min Jinung, I'd bakgyeonghye the appearance has become a focus of interest to disclose the unique history of Min Jinung.

Min Jinung

Min Jinung serves is to study the 2016 tvN 'honsul sexes' different vocal mimic every day to attract popular with students as a lecturer in public administration officials Noryangjin be a matter dinner 10:00 Ding ~! If the titer appeared to Min Jinung home hyaetjyo ㅎㅎ

Min Jinung
Honsul did Joowon also appeared as a bodyguard in the past, men and women, yongpalyi 'would have probably started to pay attention since then nestle Ung.

Min Jinung

Min Jinung

Look headshot I thought "true good and being good looks" It did well to study ... Deuneyo unfair to think that the world ~

Min Jinung

In the radio star Min Jinung was very eomchinah neundeyo said that the former high school whole school heard louder than words one world is Min Jinung.

Min Jinung
Min Jinung is that I'd admitted to law school after graduating from high school but quit to attend dueotdago six weeks I'm not going to law school and the whole school, including one quits school at six weeks? This one's not even imagine if the public

Min Jinung
Not only do not even imagine Mom, Yeah my dad gone ...
But I danyeotdago Min Jinung has quit school to practice for picking a licensed nurse
Hull - Jackpot

Min Jinung
Quit law school nurse Rani ....

Min Jinung puts off the saw up accidentally in the process, oversee work '

But Nestle said the story did Ung quit law school in past interviews
Min Jinung is thought to be naturally I was a doctor or pharmacist because the original family and friends care

Min Jinung

But then the occasional pass, Dankook University Department of Law that I'd pick a licensed nurse in the mother during the time remaining before admission to the invitation ttanyeot acting academy

Min Jinung

Then haneunge of acting was good too. To quit law school I have been to the entrance to the Korea National University of Arts

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