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HQ MC gale arts focus more ENT contract Singer

Gale has entered into an exclusive contract with the ENT division Chu Seonghun, Kim Dong Hyun, Shiho Yano, Diva was eaten as a hansotbap.
Gale is the first child of a member of the FA empire ranged nests in the new agency headquarters ENT.gale Gale is that SM Entertainment through endless challenges for, YG Entertainment, I want to go to the large domestic agency FNC Entertainment, etc. I'm here to continue to appeal

Delivered by the interocular news division has signed an exclusive contract with the ENT When the masses "Do what story?"Innovation has been the focus of interest.


According to media gale that I'd have a lot of love calls from a large agency, but a big reason gale has chosen the ENT division is called 'comfort'.


Of course, but also a large agency seems to have a comfortable and select atmosphere of the family.
I'd gale was high, with headquarters ENT had a meeting with some of the larger agency's headquarters were finished, select ENT, which Chu Seonghun, Acquainted with Kim Donghyeon to say a big role.

Gale has had six years to Yunho and Junsu Kim, Dong - Hyun and near gale out of the FA market Then I'd like a friendship that continues to this proposal with Chu Seonghun The gale is headquartered ENT chose without hesitation.gale

According to the headquarters ENT "gale is looking pretty good friends whenever Chu Seonghun to come to Korea," he said "thank you Uriah. Wonak preached that the faithful, greedy friends over, chakhaeseo this before. ".


Center chose gale ENT is Chu Seonghun, Shiho Yano, Autumn Love, Kim Dong Hyun, Diva, Ricky Kim, Information such as singer Actinidia, Actor, Sports athletes is a massive herpes agency.


Gale is expected to work in MC or singer performing arts sector rather than in the future headquarters and the headquarters ENT ENT is preached spare no plans to support the activities of the entertainer gale.

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