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With one day from today's 2 yuminsang yisuji

Comedian yuminsang yisuji appeared to be a new couple 's two with'.
Yuminsang yisuji is followed by the Crown J Seo Inyoung couple, two with s' to be broadcast on the 7th and appeared as a new couple.

Yuminsang yisuji
I mean yuminsang yisuji is intended to be a one day from today.
Yuminsang yisuji is Yun Jeongsu Kim Sook, Heogyeong Following the Horn ohnami couple indeyo new first comedian couple
Yisuji is haetneundeyo also expressed a crush on yuminsang the SBS show Cultwo

Yuminsang yisuji

Yuminsang yisuji
Yisuji was told I'd say, "Might write good money is Caring" to the question of why yuminsang jotnya geuraetdeoni yuminsang the "I'll fix it, I'm not going to spend the money, saying I'll write, "that money back haetneundeyo say also ansseugo nor Bob sajunda doeeotneyo but in the end a couple

Yuminsang yisuji

Do you yuminsang yisuji two people that are a little surprising couple indeyo
In fact yuminsang is because I think that'll gimmingyeong whether a better match.

Yuminsang yisuji

Yuminsang yisuji
In Gag Concert paced breathing as a couple in 'Love LARGE' If matchuneunga breathing with a muk-bang in the comedy TV 's good guys' progress in the corner "Park Myeong-su of the radio show" and because it shows the wonderful Chemie.

Yuminsang yisuji

But unexpectedly did that, why did yuminsang yisuji as a couple and it looked as yuminsang gimmingyeong are because they do not think haneungunyo no reason to fancy Chemie and is different from the actual broadcast ㅎㅎ

Yuminsang yisuji

Yuminsang I'm told that "only gimmingyeong Or is" in "with the 2's' crew and pre-interview
The yuminsang became "that much I did not believe that the common virtual marriage, but marriage romance for newlyweds" he said, "I think the motivation Do good partner with Mr. yisuji thought only juniors. One was also prepared to convey to wrestle with the two saying it "to start from things went less affection among the best things that's a lot kkumkkwotdeon.

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