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Baknarae 'Narae Bar’ Expansion previous week acknowledged

Gag woman baknarae is becoming a hot topic before disclosing the expansion of readiness "Narae bar '.
I'm baknarae is known for the usual drink and drink and enjoy the friends I have Park Naerae is like a drink like their own home bar(bar)Like decorating so-called 'Narae bar' that was it held the name of baknarae 'Narae bar' was also a big topic as public via live alone or with the radio star.

Anyone who enjoys to place decorated like a 'bar' in his house drinking I think you all agree, I thought it's really great baknarae.

Baknarae has recently moved haetneundeyo Therefore I also said before expansion 'Narae Bar' is called the midst of baknarae baknarae the 'Narae bar' re ready to open.

Currently, Narae bar 'is 90% The degree of completion is the state that will aim to complete the end of the year.
Baknarae said that "among our best to send good people and a good time in a bar Narae previously extended to the end of the year.".

Also baknarae is haetneundeyo ago that "already the best gaewoo woman and was open would always joke with that woman are not the first guests and patrons," said, "I want to invite a lot of wonderful actors."
Especially baknarae is "Yun Gyunsang this wish come and want," said said, "What means all bacteria Ivory bar Narae".


When Yun Gyunsang Yun Gyunsang samsi visit to it.I ate an awful lot in meals 'Narae bar' I have to prepare a lot of food - baknarae Mr. ㅎㅎ


The baknarae through the recent Instagram "Narae Bar. Unfinished. Soon open. 80% complete!. But pay chains. Menu is not shown yet, so ... Lotta "We released the photo of the bar is being called Narae article and preparation.


Published photos I have a clear view of Narae being refurbished bar contains photos look really seems to be a pub-like atmosphere I.


But would it be like it's a mother's worry about this stuff kkumimyeon Narae eda's house ㅎㅎ

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