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Kim Jongmin Award Best Day Life

Kim Jongmin This award kbs Entertainment Awards and Kim Jongmin was the greatest Christmas Eve.
The last 24 days haetneundeyo Kim Jongmin The grand prize winner in the dating kbs target Kim Jongmin day is with the right candidates Ryu Jaeseok, Lee Hwi-jae, Shin Dongyeop, Kim Junho won, beating a target.
Kim Jongmin is around or more than the "target award and the audience who seems more wanted. But the lack is always cheer me thank you "and" he said thank you and well batgetda ".Kim Jongmin

Kim Jongmin

In addition, Kim Jongmin is "jaeseok brother gave to the introduction to the arts Ho-dong brother got pulled. Tae This type also left the gratitude for seniors haejun stand tall malseum I would like to say "Kim Jongmin like that so much thanks to my brother who is pushed to this position in the singer performing arts star.

Kim Jongmin

Kim Jongmin Awards

Award of the day, Kim Jongmin is just '1 Night 2 Days' indeyo due to the program with Kim Jongmin subject "1 Night 2 Days' is as selecting the best programs on viewers voting conducted live, was awarded also" the best show viewers are pulled ".

Kim Jongmin is keeping the last two days one night during 2007, the first year the members of '1 Night 2 Days' representative of KBS 2TV weekend entertainment program nine years starting spot.

Kim Jongmin

9It is Kim Jong-min said the next nine years of very hard work and good and good indeyo eorisuk image Giving a year of time to keep a place with a big smile to the viewers to look not to change only hope you keep one more night 2.

The Kim Jongmin entertainment destination in the ear indeyo twice again in 2011 KBS Entertainment Awards in 2011 '1 Night 2 Days', but award with co-members at this time has become one yeneunggye finally alone receives to destination.

I'm Kim Jongmin is known as coyotes members have never worked as a gymnastics school days belonged itself was also riding the Rating.

Kim Jongmin

Kim Jongmin is haetneundeyo started informing its name to dancers serves a distinctive dance into their style from the parent club's demands agreed in Seoul at the time Kim Jongmin reports to audition in SM Entertainment received a notice asked the Ryu Youngjin backup Dance Kim Jongmin think it unacceptable to give up you said.

Since childhood baknamjeong backup professional dance team members as a formal activity in "Friends" in 1996 Ref 'memories of the fall', Goofy's it serves choreography in "a lot more" Le Stage begins working as a backup dancer.

Kim Jongmin

1998Since the activity heavily in dedicated backup dancer for singer Uhm Jung Hwa until 1999, Uhm Jung Hwa Vol. 4, 5Haetneundeyo activity in the house at the time of Kim Jongmin is often japhimyeonseo with handsome looks into the camera and sent the best 'Liz days'.

After the coyote three home visiting members of the music industry intermediate inputs outstanding dance skills and good-looking appearance, I'd like to formally debut in Koyote popularity on sale in November 2000 was also the driving force.

Kim Jongmin

Since Kim Gu as the rapper left the coyote to Kim Jongmin Good for the degrading events are the real leaders'm more minutes Having known Towing cables Shinji am facing the leader of Koyote due to the fact that the image seen in several broadcasts since 2002.

Kim Jongmin was known as "the first person to value 'in contrast to the appearance and appeared on various variety programs from 2003 Sucker stand and grab something flimsy concept properly captured the hearts of viewers some entertainment programs.

Kim Jongmin

Kim Jongmin is haetneundeyo also a hot topic with lightning released prefectural and love the fact of who served as a public service personnel at the Seoul High Court iteotneundeyo past prefectural and yeolaeseol since the end of 2009, ahead of the public service personnel called off jeonhaetgo the prefectural and break news "1 Park did just returned two days later, has also used the prefectural and love to joke material.

Kim Jongmin

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-min of Sucker characters do not know what is not broadcasting concept came after I'd follow the motif in the days when male members of the famous' gimsong "Mrs. gangwonrae was a singer in the group" Coke "really Sucker-Kim Jongmin

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