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Choi yusol Supermodel 2016 contest targets

Last 22 days was held '2016 Super Model Contest' in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul SBS Prism Center.
2016Super Model Contest in the gonghyeonju, Shin Dongyeop, Neundeyo Kang Seunghyeon took over the MC was a golden day in the see-through dress that caught the attention gonghyeonju.Choi yusol 2016In the years super model contest jujeongeun, Yiseonjin, Bakdulseon, Kim Hyojin, Hwanghyeonju, Kim Jaebeom, Kim Gyeongwon, NOTE rare, Hand ready-made singer Sleepy, washing, Mamamoo, Bitterants&Pyeolchyeotgo a giant pink and collaboration a former supermodel-Star Runway group B1A4, Girlfriend had a celebrated stage.Choi yusol Fit the 25th anniversary 'Super Model Contest' nationality and ages, Is not ignore such career as a fashion model, I'd dig a comprehensive enterprise in Inner winners will be given priority YG K plus contract rights.

Day Super Model Contest has attracted participants involved in her hand-Addo No. 6 Kyeong-shil Lee in comedians.Choi yusol
Day target, took a brush letdown participation number 3. Choi, Joon-Kee Hong is yusol, With Lee Hwanhui neundeyo reached the final three said Among their advantages to 'smile' haetneundeyo his first place the actual maximum yusol won the first prize.Choi yusolBy the roll call on the name of his latest target is yusol tears "smells most parents think" and "I love you like to convey to say," he said.Choi yusol 2016Super Model Contest in the first place is the outermost yusol, 2Above Joon-Kee Hong, 3The above took Lee Hwanhui.
2016Yusol years supermodel Choi won the contest first place was known as being a student absence, Ewha Womans University Korean Language and Literature 2 hakgyeon not a model agency affiliation Unlike indeyo owner of the slender body of 176cm tall, 51kg 22 vertical year, other candidates.Choi yusol

Choi yusol Choi yusol was also cited as a strong candidate to win the pre-program receives the nyun "I'm a supermodel, a noted kkiro potential and innocent beauty from the time of the Super Model Contest.Choi yusol The 2016 Super Model Contest 2700 will support volunteers 17:1The spread of competition.

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