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MC picked off a la Lee Soo-geun Yoon Doojoon convenience store

Lee Soo-geun Yoon Doojoon subsequent three meals a day, a convenience store called off 'MC appointed

Lee Soo-geun Yoon Doojoon the concentrates breathing samsi subsequent centuries tvN arts MC. Lee Sugeun program for the yundu gave MC with tvN's pilot program, called off the convenience store, I'd like to proceed female members embark in conjunction with the MC Lee Soo-geun Yoon Doojoon is currently liaison jungyirago.Lee Soo-geun Yoon Doojoon I'd planned to jungyirago the trilogy called off a convenience store, a convenience store off La 'is a program to see the variety of food that is familiar to modern space to cook a variety of convenience food convenience store materials to develop new recipes.Lee Soo-geun Yoon Doojoon An entertainment program, a new saenyeom divide even talk about their memories and memories tangled in a convenience store with a new food recipe to create a convenience food.Lee Soo-geun Yoon Doojoon The encounter with wit and combines ipdam Yun Dujun and Lee Sugeun and introduced the best muk-bang in tvN 'Let's Eat' I have pretty high expectations before the broadcast beginsLee Soo-geun Yoon Doojoon

Lee Soo-geun Yoon Doojoon La confided Convenience framework "of Lee Soo-geun Yoon Doojoon is that it will immediately rush to shoot first female MC to be finished by directing the work of the liaison across Lee Yunho PD of 'Taxi talk show scene'.Lee Soo-geun Yoon Doojoon Meanwhile, a convenience store off La 'is a' three meals a day fishing, Ch 3, subsequent to jongbang coming 30 days one will premiere May 13,.

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