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Scene stealer hadeora God Choi Sung-kuk burning moist lips acting

God's raider Chemie Choi Sung-kuk fantasy

Learn God has captivated the viewers with only short acting strong appeared as a guest in Choi Sung-kuk in the 'war drama' SBS scene stealer.
God has appeared after the day neundeyo Kang Ye-won Choi Sung-kuk and honey Chemie introduced a day, Choi Sung-kuk is to "kiss a man who ' 100% He directed the drama aedeuribeu.God Choi Sung-kuk Choi Sung-kuk let God appeared surprised I have a setback historical movie Sex Is Zero, Savior, but his was just after the meeting of the two bread-pop. Choi Sung-kuk to God Maybe the two are myeongkombi to produce the best Chemie notch.
Choi Sung-kuk in the broadcast was carried out the mission which effortlessly incidents are not even embarrassed to come out and smoke aedeuribeu ends have to kiss a heart sounds you hear.God Choi Sung-kuk

God Choi Sung-kuk God had appeared to look upstage God is "ohppan to ~ ~ spot", "Ohppan to-place," said say "you still doing this you attend -" cornered the Choi Sung-kuk.
God Choi Sung-kukGod said, "I know who?"Let's say that Choi Sung-kuk is" "haetneundeyo say this is God," Oh, I do not know who are you?"Let's say Choi Sung-kuk is" my first love ~ ~ God, "said haetneundeyo words ending conduction God is blowing cheek to Choi Sung-kuk" God what have X's upset, "said Choi Sung-kuk was splitting smiled," Who are you then, "he said.God Choi Sung-kuk

God Choi Sung-kuk God is naetneundeyo off a photo of a piece Handbag was just a picture, and Choi Sung-kuk God raised this Wedding Choi Sung-kuk was looking at pictures, "Honey - it's been a long time," said the moment I heard the heart beat of God anneun warak.God Choi Sung-kuk

God Choi Sung-kuk Situations where the heart should hear a sound of a kiss is Choi Sung-kuk I'd want to kiss aneumyeo to God, saying, "Honey heard the sound of my heart," God is resisting it neutered and discards push Choi Sung-kuk said, "I've left no worth.". And God gave me a smile that "I came out in a long time.".God Choi Sung-kuk

God Choi Sung-kuk After a while, the heart sound sounded again, this time God came haetneundeyo say "try expressing dance I see I'll judge" Then Choi Sung-kuk waving your body to feel closer to God laughs chamdeon Choi Sung-kuk to God's "Honey close my eyes got pull force on the lip "I'm here getting closer, saying this is God" was the kiss at the end, and Choi Sung-kuk a sofa and closed his eyes, but, "he said so should finish.God Choi Sung-kuk

God Choi Sung-kuk Choi Sung-kuk meeting with God was short neundeyo been made in nine years, but the two men Chemie has left a strong impression.God Choi Sung-kuk Finishing sanghwanggeuk and God will laugh to uncover that "the lips is enough moisture hadeora old," he said, "eopeotneunde kiss in the movie was the king standing 12 years ago dinner spot game," the question really did kiss from Choi Sung-kuk and last kiss scene revealed.

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