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Third daughter, the birth mother of center three men

The actress Shin Ae gave birth to a third daughter.
Shin-ae has recently gave birth to a third daughter in all of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Kangnam jungyirago postpartum in celebration of family and friends.Out of center

Out of center 2012Years of center gave birth to first daughter gave birth to a second son last December has taken recently to yeonnyeonsaeng third daughter.
Shin-ae is to debut as a 2001 SBS 'Medical Center' drama "Summer Scent", 'War of the Roses', 'The Iron Empress' haetneundeyo appearances and an actor is like doing the snout to the mother after marriage, and the general public in 2011 to buy two associations.Out of center

Out of center The haetneundeyo of center recently released a photo taken with a daughter on his Instagram
Photos of center in the daughter wearing sunglasses, I'm looking at the camera, beauty, the eyes are revealed ryeotjiman can not seem to hide.Out of center In particular, the appearance of the daughter of center golfer's a pretty impressive

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