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Extreme Lee Sangmi divorce marriage divorce settlement in just one year

MBC University Song Festival Lee Sangmi from the group IX(33)The agreement was announced by the divorce of marriage in one year.
Lee Sangmi is neundeyo posted a jeongmossi a wedding in December 2014 guitarist cum music director
Before the wedding Lee Sangmi "The'm a guitar Raa brother married on the same team via his Twitter, I'm sorry you were not able personnel who see you close. Signaled know I will live happily, "says wedding.

Lee Sangmi

Lee Sangmi

Two people are adding talent he built up a friendship developed into love while volunteering with the band in the form of contributions to the goal of marriage at the end of devotees of about one and a half years would put the divorce news delivered sadness As.

Lee Sangmi

Lee Sangmi
Lee Sangmi has received a lot of love to the three public appearances in last year's MBC University Song Festival in 2005 as a vocalist in a band Extreme Hybrid was told to target a 'thank you' clear cheerful voice.

Lee Sangmi
2007Since then, primarily years working as broadcaster announced the 'Contact me'.
Was active in the KBS 2TV 'vivid informed "reporter had conducted radio programs broadcast Kyung IFM' Lee Sangmi of Music dakeom '.
In addition, he said take on the lead role in "Alien Band" in 2010, and also worked as a film actor.

Lee Sangmi

Dwaetgo Lee Sangmi divorce news electrolytic As questions are amplified and am Lee Sangmi divorced clear why finding the unknown to overcome each other anatneundeyo only married one year difficult difference for the for the reasons which then causes tough period of separation period agreed earlier this year divorce you had a.

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