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Jang Yoon-ju birth daughter, son? 1It may pictorial term public

Jang Yoon-ju model is unveiled ahead of the birth of the term Pictorial.
Jang Yoon-ju birth January'm known as Jang Yoon-ju comes showed the appearance of top models also no humiliation in situations based maternity leave one month.Jang Yoon-ju Jang Yoon-ju is 15 Haetneundeyo disclose the term of pictorial black-and-white through his Instagram Jang Yoon-ju said, "not because they've been a model life from childhood days was soon living," said the reported comment of the 20th anniversary of its debut models.Jang Yoon-ju Jang Yoon-ju said, "After marriage opponents became to feel a sense of security in the process of care and have gone to the kids that care more robust and stable," said life is said to feel a sense of security after marriage.Jang Yoon-ju

Jang Yoon-ju Jang Yoon-ju is ahead of the January birth next year married last May haetneundeyo fashion business before the second year, the pregnancy news.Jang Yoon-ju

Jang Yoon-ju Jang Yoon-ju is often haetneundeyo before the special affection for her husband to the public last October 7 Jang Yoon-ju was the "I forgot via Instagram. So I prepare dinner protein diet. He said today that first met me two years. You have prepared a letter and flowers. On a piece of paper and I'll never forget the impressive ivy # 20141007 # "haetneundeyo public photosJang Yoon-ju

Jang Yoon-ju Published photo is a picture that lies the letter with flowers on the dining table Jang Yoon-ju gave up husband.
Patronize your first meeting anniversary wife has forgotten her husband Jang Yoon-ju Looks like there really can not love
Jang Yoon-ju's pretty birth two years prices please disclose Photo -

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