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Bin Kang So-ra yeolaeseol recognized eight years old nayicha

Bin Kang So-ra had acknowledged yeolaeseol.

After Bin Bin Kang So-ra yeolaeseol the press agency VAST Entertainment and Kang So-ra agency plume Entertainment said, "Two people were recently developed between lovers," said he told the official position.

Bin Kang So-ra yeolaeseol reportedly first reported this morning would put the Bin Bin Kang So-ra met first with officials last October, Kang So-ra path to the agency before the problem started dating recently seen jyeokjeok.

Bin Kang So-ra

In addition, Bin Kang So-ra said that the hot couple is not even a fortnight without just started a devotee.

According to aides know the Bin Kang So-ra, and well said, "I know it to be in contact with Bin Kang So-ra-side in the process of moving the agency." "Yet it seems to have a crush on each other. Hadeora lovable careful because it is not how much a couple, "he said.

Bin Kang So-ra

Hyun Bin to the question of marriage and military service before Lee Sanghyeong "to be married some day," said "seems to have a good understanding of a lot of minutes Haeju. Who gives wonak this job because I like the fact that the irregularities referred to at most one is gonna understand us seems well Haeju filled. "

If you learn to do the same thing I would'll make a sufficient understanding.

Hyun Bin is raising keunjeol look towards the stunning appearance and the public had been dating Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo the past claimed he joins the Marines very impressive as its yieotneundeyo Bin Song Hye Kyo was also shocking breakup.

Bin Kang So-ra

But after gunjedae Bin has no yeolaeseol the ma'am.Do being focused attention on this yeolaeseol Bin and Kang So-ra Kang So-ra.

The Bin Kang So-ra's agency is recognized and yeolaeseol haetneundeyo two people before the story first met

VAST agency entertainment Bin said that "the two came to learn through doing dwaetgo first learned about from place regarding work last October, met with officials ssateumyeo acquaintance after a seonhubae share the concerns and advice.".

Bin Kang So-ra

Agency of Kang So-ra Plum Entertainment measures "dwaetgo first learned from place last October, met with stakeholders have been doing between ssateumyeo acquaintance as seonhubae share the concerns and advice," he said "the point is not whether to have a crush on each other to start the fellowship is only a little over a fortnight and the lovable gotta press is very much careful, "he preached.

Bin Kang So-ra

Bin Kang So-ra

Also added that the Bin Kang So-ra two agency "Please look at the two men are safely news day personal in this City State started only heart Even more careful with generous attention, please feel free to send a lot of support and love in the future acting career in two" You.

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