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Dr. Kim Seongju and macular degeneration diagnostic confession

Kim Seongju broadcaster has confessed received the diagnosis early this year, AMD Castle.
Kim Seongju has surprised both me and 13 am MBC new program, "said the doctor, Kim Seongju at a press conference this place would put proceeds received a macular degeneration diagnosis.

Kim Seongju is neundeyo had a sudden break of three weeks earlier this year to ill health Kim Seongju is haeteotneunde said, "whether you overwork because a sudden went to the hospital do not see eye" on the broadcast time that it was announced today the first thing Macular Degeneration.

Kim Seongju said, "I think the treatment is possible inconvenience happy to worry needlessly specifically offered not a word" said "is still awesome hee beware am. The symptoms of macular degeneration, "said.
Following Kim Seongju said, "do not look a charred pupil size, shape. Gonna see only one eye. I can not begin to see the charred and refractive objects, The kkeokyeo starting to say "we discussed gender macular degeneration.

Kim Seongju has been described by panjeongdan go to the show starting in one eye went to the neighborhood big eye hospital in front of the proceeds of nights bokmyeonga King was treated at Seoul National University Hospital..
Currently, saying some stains should be a good stress should be controlled and scheduled to avoid recurrence of the situation that left jeonhaetgo now said to preached his wife spent a lot of care at home.

Dr. logos Republic of Korea Kim Seongju, and the best people are the SEO program directly visiting the home of a patient lying on a medical blind spot goes to co-MC.

PD Dr. munhyeongchan day and at the press conference said, "As you can see from the title, go find a doctor to help the patient in need directly, It seems you are confusing the audience because of his body, indicating the tests to correct information directly into the program is a medicine "was introduced as Kim Seongjin PD said," In recent years, the Internet dwijyeodo only medical information, "it said" a number of information flows Plenty. So I will try to deliver the right information, "said Dr. introduce high.

The doctor said I'll look at the first episode and I'd say the truth of fat and low-carb Dr. cheotbang with Park Yongwoo and I'd deal of the truth about low carb high fat die tert Family Medicine professional to learn the proper knowledge about diet
Tak teogo first broadcast is scheduled at 11 o'clock broadcast Thursday night on the 15th.

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