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Comet impartial woogyeol honey Chemie man woman crowned Sunday

Woogyeol impartial comet has launched the first meeting viewers honey Chemie.
The last 10 days 'We Got Married' 0 people Jeong Hyejeong emerged as a new couple to confess your heart to each other without hesitation from the debut and has become a focus of interest in the marriage going to draw two people together in the future.

Impartial comet

Impartial comet

Impartial comet
Impartial comet couple is gonna held the first meeting in the ski resort white snow full of Charming Castle haetneundeyo ride in a gondola while covering perfectly the face with a hat and goggles on scarves being any mission card on the red envelope to meet her husband 0 people resonance wife Jung comet It showed a look that said quite excited to wait a gondola ride and gave notice to the start of married life.

Impartial comet

Impartial comet

Impartial comet Gondolas Charming Castle to see the face of the resonance resonance, but can see the positive comets ma'am.Do Charming Castle aware of the fact that her husband resonance neundeyo have become a fact of ice Charming Castle'm told my husband that I want yieoteumyeon resonance in the pre-interview woogyeol Impartial comet

Impartial comet The Lee Sanghyeong Province Charming ㅎㅎ surprised if it happened a real husband'd no longer ㅋㅋ
But resonance deogunyo guess but easy to discard information comets haetneundeyo I guess my wife who is in a situation you do not know who my wife ㅎㅎImpartial comet

Impartial comet Resonance learn so fast forward comet naeja Charming castle did not show his face until you get to the top gondola resonance was very curious.
Charming Castle haetneundeyo gazing holding the ball in staring cheoda 0 people face from start to notice the honey ChemieImpartial comet

Impartial comet Two people who arrived at the summit Charming Castle toppling to the floor one by one off the goggles, scarves gloves from one of resonance is one gave away the gloves and scarf on the ground, saying, "No'm throwing all this.".
Charming castle was ashamed to embellish the face awesome example resonance he said that "well, let's face some" Charming castle was shy.Impartial comet

Impartial comet 0 people are saying, "I embarrassed amazed," in an interview about the comet was good to meet the information, saying "real-eater laughter gone.".Impartial comet

Impartial comet

Resonance forward to the comet, "but the real yeppeune" said haetneundeyo shy but also to express inner thoughts without hesitation I got a twenty-three youth and pure reason to wait Charming Honey Chemie Sunday castle -
Now a man on Sunday 0 people, Woman on Sunday, try to think that would be a positive Comet.

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