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Woman rescued from Seo Jihye Radio Star Club Dance drunks

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Seo Jihye has introduced an anecdote rescued a woman from drunks go nature not to look at the fire in the radio star.
7Star Radio that broadcasts Seo Jihye Sun, Tony, Moon Huijun, Seo Yu-ri, Red Velvet Irene appeared to be proceeding as "heavy mental" Featured.Seo Jihye In the broadcast day, Seo Jihye is haetneundeyo introduce anecdotes saved a woman from drunks Seo Jihye is haetneundeyo begin to describe the "gentleman a little taken away, and look," said the circumstances'm really wondering whether any information is released.Seo Jihye Seo Jihye is yeori yeori and I will do a story that asked women to drunks female feminine good looks and lean body covered Seo Jihye is really hard to believe what 's your secret crush just awesome.Seo Jihye

Seo Jihye I'd say boldly released Wednesday Seo Jihye is hidden skills in dance clubs and radio star MC Seo Jihye cast watched the dance clubs are all surprised Surprise.Seo Jihye

Seo Jihye Seo Jihye is quite tall and I'm a big key is known as a 170cm 170cm 48kg Seo Jihye one yeori yeori tall is shy but got a cool, big show hoheung cool dancing.Seo Jihye

Seo Jihye is seonboyeotdago one more dance by the enthusiastic request of the MC.

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