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Kim Hyeseon warms the gift of love secretly

The leading actress Kim Hyeseon news is filled with a cold winter and warm heart is conveyed give hunhunham.

Kim Hyeseon recent SBS weekend drama "We gapsun the 'over the last'm being hot-rolled in the downtown station broadcasting tatjyo the appearance beak to paeak said to visit the Go Doo-shim fraudulent marriages propagated But Kim Hyeseon is a different person from the appearance and reality of Kim Hyeseon in broadcasting It was.

Kim Hyeseon

Kim Hyeseon

Kim Hyeseon is a product for a difficult adoptive homes for Baby from June, the month continued secretly be a 'tree that gives life "in iteotneundeyo giving and good works last June, it gathered in Yongin single mothers janyeon one million won worth in donations starting in July donated.

Kim Hyeseon

8It May, and took on the story as a gift donated to the project to help record challenging the assumptions adopted in full to donate the proceeds obtained by the sound that the album started in early September release.

Also in October was the news that charity bazaar to be held at Namsan Tower.

Kim Hyeseon

11May, a visit to disabled guests' desire house, located in Hanam mark the end of the year was practice sharing.

Kim Hyeseon is a domestic as well as Africa,, Haiti has served overseas in the secondary husband and practices and their children can turn for activities.

Kim Hyeseon

The idea of ​​serving and sharing into all hearts, but this can not be easy for one reason or another I geotinde

Kim Hyeseon will I applaud her loving heart to share a beautiful love while extinguishing a busy schedule as an actor,.

Kim Hyeseon

Kim Hyeseon will give you a warm scorching last November 20, 2016. International Peace Media Awards' haetneundeyo awarded the CSR targets steady at the prior Kim Hyeseon and the loving heart of winter.

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