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Kim Yun-seok lap blanket statement can I apologize you there

Actress Kim Yun-seok had to apologize for remarks lap blanket.

Kim Yun-seok's movie "You held in point 5 PM Lotte Cinema Konkuk University, Would there have to attend the "premiere required media had to apologize for Kim Yunseok lap blankets recent controversial remarks.

Kim Yun-seok lap blanket apology

Kim Yun-seok's “But some late, Rent this place I would like to apologize” Innovation “A few days ago in an interview with talk show commitment it has resulted in the single digits because of my bulhyeon gyeongsolham and miryeonham. I apologize sincerely to all those who felt that anger and discomfort. I will deeply reflect on” Said that.Kim Yun-seok Kim Yun-seok lap blanket statement is in progress through the app as Naver V 9 pm last Dec. 1, 'You, There 'remarks at the movie Talk Would it yieotneundeyoKim Yun-seok Day broadcasting was starring actors such as including Kim Yun-seok Kim Sang Ho bakhyesu sides westward while John was broadcast live by the proceeds Park Gyeongrim.Kim Yun-seok

When in real-time during live Kim Yun-seok V app hearts over 200,000 people calling the commitment order is Park Gyeongrim Kim Yun-seok haetneun asked the charm for actor said he would be down a blanket covering the knees instead of the charming actress.
Kim Yun-seok Eventually actor Kim Sangho was sitting next to the last haetneundeyo say "I apologize if I see difficult" Nevertheless, Kim Yun-seok did not say anything.
Kim Yun-seok

This makes netizens heard the offensive remark Kim Yun-seok lap blanket.

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