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Hayes rapper also nice to jeobyeol Chart No. 1 song olkil

Hayes rapper jeobyeol the music charts crowned No. 1
5Sun 0:00 haetneundeyo Hayes released his own songwriting a single album jeobyeol "Hayes jeobyeol is a target expressed in song all night a farewell or a family or friend, or lover.Haze

New song jeobyeol of haze is released immediately after the melon, Mnet, And ranked first in the domestic music charts, including Ginny saying good music to sing well thought raepman enthusiasts and fans.
It has been recognized as a haze am pretty wrapper over the unloading star lap Pretty


This unique Busan dialect and accent right naebaetneun tight vocal eowooryeojyeo men, as well as getting a lot of love to females.

Earlier this year, Hayes exo Chen, "Do not come back 'to start the Vibe and introduced' sseomta ', "Shut eopaen grooves and Dean ', Public 'and julrayi' and then let neundeyo earnest expand awareness with popular singer


Haze Hayes and each time the chart-topping ohreumyeo demonstrated remarkable potential.
The heyiji has released five days through his Instagram "has been likened to any one destination farewell to the stars of the night sky" more photos and articles containing this information to introduce the haze of the jeobyeol.


Haze Hayes is "happy to finally hear the # jeobyeol ... Please let me dahe is always a lot by giving the light of your. #Jeonhaetgo the contents of promise. "The fans are leaving a good song Comments Hayes jeobyeol.

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