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Kang Jeongho Pittsburgh drunk driving accidents is very disappointing

Flip left to escape the acquaintance by Kang Jeongho drunk driving accident

Pittsburgh Moritz Kang Jeongho Lai has put a drunk driving accident may give a shock escape.
Kang Jeongho is a 45-minute blood-alcohol level during the past two days at 2:00 am 0.084 We take the car to a steady race to get the guard rail at the intersection of Samseong Station bound for accommodation in Seoul Samsung-dong, Kang Jeongho stay the Hotel G headed to the hostel.

Kang Jeongho DUI

Kang Jeongho DUI
Since Kang Jeongho is Parry left the drunk driving accidents to his friends that he was headed to the hostel haneungunyo
At the time Kang Jeongho was one who stayed home with the hotel driving a car after drinking alcohol at the home of friends, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Kang Jeongho DUI
The police operation, saying the direct acquaintance of Kang Jeongho haetneundeyo random accompanied by police, but the police have confirmed the result of the driver of the vehicle black box has been found to be Kang Jeongho.

Kang Jeongho DUI

Meanwhile, Kang Jeongho, "Kang Jeongho was very disappointed," Nellie Frank Koo, president of Pittsburgh for a club drunk driving accident, saying he added, "I know by direct experience, like how much you want to risk drink-driving idiots.".

Kang Jeongho DUI
The actual Pittsburgh team boss Frank Koo Nelly has said that after I seem to talk about their experiences in the past I have a 2011 drunken driving experience, this time Kang Jeongho caught drunk driving accident, "Thanks for being the person that hurt.".

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