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Yun Seokyeol independent counsel investigation inspection team leader, there is no revenge

Yun Seokyeol independent counsel investigation team leader checks accepted

Park Youngsu a special prosecutor in charge of investigating the incumbent president had sent a request Yun Seokyeol check Investigation Team Investigation Team to.

Park Youngsu lawyers dismissed, saying "talk in the movie" the questions of reporters that thou would have said Yun Seokyeol test "would not have someone to pull out if the multiple investigations" for not checking Yun Seokyeol multiple investigations to the current regime which their relegation.

Yun Seokyeol

According to Park Youngsu real lawyers Yun Seokyeol test specifications that I'd get back at joining the independent counsel it seems to have a lot of struggle in the positions of the test Yun Seokyeol. Would have been more so because the image that can be drawn through the media liable revenge.

Yun Seokyeol
But in the end forced the Park Youngsu lawyers Yun Seokyeol test was accepted to join the independent counsel Yun Seokyeol test was to assist the independent counsel investigation team leader Park Youngsu lawyer in the special investigation presided over the 20 dispatch inspection and receive important positions to oversee the investigation practice.

Yun Seokyeol

Yun Seokyeol tests conducted investigations in childhood rain NIS elections become one doubts Special Investigation Team who worked for the last 4 May 2013 Suwon District Prosecutors' Office Yeoju jicheongjang.
At the time of arrest procedures for NIS staff right in line for days while the investigation proceeds without a report to the eotneundeyo light friction within the organization

Yun Seokyeol
Yun Seokyeol tests Say "I thought there was external pressure of the Attorney invite him to attract more events to the top is difficult" in the parliamentary audit in October of that year hwimalryeotda the 'hangmyeong wave'.
Won Sehun I'm the one immediately after the resignation of the National Director as a son suspected Chae Donguk time the Attorney General to conduct honoeja charged with election law violations

Yun Seokyeol
After checking Yun Seokyeol dwaetgo under the discipline of the honest one month exclusion from the relevant investigations had issued cod gogeom second test the following year was a telegram to the War gogeom test earlier this year.

Yun Seokyeol

Meanwhile, opposition to the confluence of the independent counsel Yun Seokyeol inspection personnel are haetneundeyo before the will of welcome
Per definition Majority Leader Roh Hoe-chan has left a "nice post" implicit short article through his Twitter
In addition Democrat Lee Jaemyeong Seongnam chapter left an article entitled "an abandoned rusty knife wound again plunge cut out," he said "We welcome the return of the national inspection Yun Seokwol" on his Twitter.

Yun Seokyeol
Democratic Rep. Lee Seokhyeon, with "Yun Seokyeol test definitions files trying to redeem the prosecution of former National Director Won Sehun time Comments NIS investigation into election law violations!"I said," at the time opposed the Law Hwang Kyo-ahn relegation ... . Definition sword wielding sewoogil!"Cheered said.

Yun Seokyeol
In addition Park Beomgye Democratic lawmakers "Yun Seokyeol independent counsel investigation team leader! He returns. The sword of justice, not revenge ... "Neundeyo left of the post followed by" CALL also taken some of the meetings of the independent counsel Park Youngsu, "he said.
Hyun also jeonuiwon "You got disadvantage is investigating the case properly, the NIS personnel politics and expectations," said the independent counsel greeted the confluence of the test Yun Seokyeol.

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