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In eight months of Jeju women divers UNESCO-listed two years

Listed Jeju women divers cultures UNESCO 19th Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity

Jeju women divers were registered on the UNESCO Cultural Heritage of Humanity Intangible materials to dive.
1130th(Local Time) Ethiopia Addis Ababa by the Commission between the 11th Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Heritage, the government conducted by the UN Economic Commission for Africa Conference Center Jeju women divers culture "was listed by UNESCO as Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity End.

Jeju women divers
The last 3 May 2014 and bear fruit only after two years and eight months to apply for listing of Jeju women divers cultural doengeot.
Intangible Heritage Committee members are the material culture of Jeju women divers are collecting seafood in the ocean without diving equipment, and handed down between generations, And appreciates the fact that the role of women emphasizing that shape identity and community that.

Jeju women divers
The women divers of Jeju culture Inscription Korea 'tug of war', 'Kimchi Culture', 'Arirang', All such 'rituals and seedling nurseries jeryeak' now holds the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity of 19 Item.

Jeju women divers
Shrinking Jeju women divers

UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Property Register of Jeju women divers cultures are pleased to work in real Jeju women divers, but are becoming less.

Jeju women divers
1965Year recorded the highest peak, but since the 1970s, industrialization, We listened to expand women's education Jeju women divers are reduced from 23,000 people in 2015 based on the highest peak 4,300 people.
But divers population decline is said to be relatively low compared to the population decline of fishing activity in other regions.

While the history of Jeju women divers of Jeju Island off the chulryuk ban in adjusting the Joseon Dynasty in 1629 began to grow mothamyeonseo leave Jeju Island Min.

Jeju women divers

15- In the early 16th century, leaving the island of Jeju can not endure the exploitation of management I would go away to the land down this adjustment Jeju chulryuk ban.

So I almost let come out of the island to the mainland.

The island's population had increased from more than 200 years until about 1850 has naturally increased Jeju women divers.

Jeju women divers of Jeju cultural efforts

That island has been for the efforts to preserve culture and tradition of Jeju women divers.
2009Year enacted an ordinance and was established in earnest configure the tradition Committee for Jeju women divers divers Culture Cultural Globalization five years from 2011 Basic Plan March 2014 he submitted a listing application was a recommendation decision last month listed 31 days.

Jeju women divers
In addition to Jeju women divers UNESCO UNESCO registered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and State Representative, Along with a delegation of the Cultural Heritage Administration visited Ethiopia directly paid local efforts to inform the value and excellence of Jeju women divers cultures.
The island is expected to be held at the Jeju International Convention Center on December 14 to celebrate with the UNESCO-listed large and metropolitan culture of Jeju women divers coming to Jeju women divers culture, UNESCO listed celebrations'.

Jeju women divers
In addition, the Cultural Heritage Administration is if you do come from the 5th commemoration of the intangible cultural umbrella inscribed Jeju women divers in the National Intangible Cultural Heritage held a circle Jeju women divers cultural exhibition "Jeju Island is planning to open a variety of celebrations and free opening of Jeju women divers Museum.

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