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Choo Ja-hyun right hyogwang born married couples Hanzhong

Choo Ja-hyun Actor(38)Lovers Chinese actor Wu hyogwang(36)And it raises the wedding next April.
Last September 2015, the first right Choo Ja-hyun wedding announcement hyogwang two people in just one year after yeolaeseol national news, as well as in China and the Related topics.

Choo Ja-hyun right hyogwang

Choo Ja-hyun will leave for China nine years ago after I'm 'time is less temptation "starring acting career in China to expand the second Choo Ja-hyun has called for foreign artists succeeded in China.
2012Choo Ja-hyun, Chinese drama in the 'maral fox ever happy when the light', while Woo hyogwang appeared with maeteotgo ties two people had developed into lovers.

Choo Ja-hyun right hyogwang
In particular, I'd say right hyogwang are special people Choo Ja-hyun said Choo Ja-hyun, this man who dadokyeo the Choo Ja-hyun to power hard while living alone with just the right hyogwang in China.
185In cm keunki right hyogwang with a warm appearance .... Choo Ja-hyun but I have two sisters live

Choo Ja-hyun right hyogwang

Someone really hard itdaneungeo next doeneundeyo a large force when the next lonely moi Choo Ja-hyun's right hyogwang brother but seems to have attracted a man.

Choo Ja-hyun right hyogwang

Choo Ja-hyun's November last year, China Changan three dramas gwatam (Changan three strange probe) Haetneundeyo also say that right at the time of the press conference just want to marry hyogwang
Choo Ja-hyun is in progress at the time haetneundeyo a press conference in fluent Chinese reporters at the time had done laughing at the question, "ahninya will be acquainted with the Chinese proficiency of gaining Chinese boyfriend" haetneundeyo avoid answers

Choo Ja-hyun right hyogwang
For the wedding planning Say "yet, but this plan will necessarily marry and right hyogwang" I prayed for the right to reveal the Haidian hyogwang.

Choo Ja-hyun right hyogwang

Meanwhile, Choo Ja-hyun gave in connection with the marriage in the country next interview, "always quietly. It seemed should not miss the friends, "he said," If this guy I think we were married, "he preached.

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