The emergence of new bogeyman share strong presence War

tvN made through the official Facebook in a new drama geumto goblins released stills.
The public still seems to cut the figure skater only jeonjaengssin yieotneundeyo stills feels a presence of goblin share of the share in the imp.

Share goblins are armed with armor and I'm standing in front of the job families come up with a sword on a horse with one hand, especially the face radiate tremendous charisma, holding a bunch of blood-stained.

Share in the noisier the battlefield with a sword I will rise up again, I'm sseomtteuk

I think the look and come back to win the war pictorial There 's nothing apart -



But in the end being death from his master, Dawn linen Obama goblins share. But why look to the queen airhead not know what the right arrow jukgeun.

The goblins share neundeyo do lose their lives by the sword, so the lord

Shares suffered a traitor's death to live the hero is given a new life that does not die even withering even in Heaven and live while you plug a knife to the heart.

But I'd say that his only bogey bride can pull a knife on the chest of kkotin share over 935 years will meet the ghost bride say nineteen-year-old girl to introduce Kim Go-Eun euntak.

Kim Go-Eun mountains since childhood to see the soul of the dead I really can pull the sword in the chest of shares?


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