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El gave joyung new song "Planet Are You From?’ Sound public

Curl Announces Corporate Single raebe 0:00 Article 30 of Jung duet with singer juniel Youth Studies Introduction,
30Sun announced juniel new song that 'Planet Are You From?' Is the coupling song, singing the three daldal mind for another one just to show anything pretty cool in the beginning of love joyungui jajakgok to each other as if they were all present in the other stars.

Juniel joyung

Juniel is, including the last six in January, only the "Pisces" was released in album drama "My King Louis' participation to the OST and am continuing a steady activity in El Divine Comedy In particular, this gave an acoustic emerging indie-based duet Youth Studies Introduction Joe Jung is participating songs that have more expectations.



Juniel I'm here is to show the appearance of the singer prepared from childhood.
Juniel is said under the influence of the mother's father was a singer and musical sections from the dream since childhood and grew up in contact with music such as the Beatles and Led Zeppelin.

I had decided to Zuni Elementary el 'I want to know that it' was 'seen' starring the third grade a report to be a singer
It school this experience starring in 'Battlefield myth' of the 2005 Mnet audition program 6th grade school and into the Good Entertainment trainee first grade junior high school but quit the trainee, the company assesses As difficult a multiple agency, including SM Entertainment and JYP I've auditioned jyeotdago has continued to fall, while the trainee to pass the time after the eighth grade FNC Entertainment.

Later he gave in to FNC Entertainment El received choreography practice for one year did not meet the real person of competence. 3. Start the other days of the later three were from the end of the while learning since the harmonics 'boy', It made a remarkable ability to directly compose a whopping 20 songs starting with 'Everlasting Sunset'.
Since the beginning of high school, I had activities in Japan were transferred to the Seoul Performing Arts High School in the Humanities, which called for the entertainment activities.

2010In the Japanese version of 'Superstar K' juniel is made after April 29, 2011 The first Mini Al subsidiaries' Ready go 'for launch on July 12 and after the second mini-album in Japan to win' Dream in&The release of Hope '.
Since 2 November 2011, the first major album, “Forever”The naohmyeonseo made a major debut, 2012In the second major album contains 15 February “Sakura reach unexpected feelings -”It was released.


2012Year was June 7 juniel debut brilliantly in the country in Korea's first mini-album 'My First June'. Juniel has had a debut at me Mnet M Countdown, such as "stupid" and the title song illa illa 'ILA ILA ".
And Airwaves debut stage showed the 'illa illa ILA ILA, through the very next day, June 8 KBS Music Bank wire as the song is used in the' A Gentleman's Dignity 'OST SBS Drama began to receive attention juniel.


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