Beast own company founded 'gutreok’ Team name can not be used

BEAST company established team name 'gutreok’

The agency is due to the friction of the renewal process, it conveyed the news that the Beast was established as an independent company readers.
I'd say that the beast is a prerequisite for the reader's activities are finishing Established achieved a formal contract with the corporation BEAST is planning to announce that fact immediately to the fans, to complete the establishment of readers companies.


Beast is holding Hong Kong Pictures from JYP Entertainment representative Kim and hands and founded the agency "gutreok '.

'good luck’ Beast will be a new body, planners hold the title of a hit song Beast.

BEAST October, 15 days before the agency Cube Entertainment in the enterprise(Less gyubeu)In the neundeyo reportedly expand its own activities after the expiration of the exclusive contract cube was the suggestion that "will ensure the independent activities under the label" The Beast to Beast seemed to accept the final offer of gyubeu.


Also, while receiving investments from the Hong Kong entertainment company established its own legal entity and the Beast haeteotneunde agreed fought its own activities in a way bears the legal and exclusive contract of incorporation is delayed by circumstances Beast became independent artists do not have agency.


The two independents beast can not be a team named Beast, Even if the call to shut up the Beast songs released in the cube difficult situation and had to endure this resolution hagetdaneun.


BEAST after the contract expires and a cube haetneundeyo already started individual activities
Yigigwang had appeared on the Web OCN drama of gathering room ', Jun-hyoung was put on MBC Every 1 'hit maker' third season with the Son Dong-woon Jung Hyung Don is out there as a guest on "Singh mammals' JTBC for.
Yoseob is also participating in KBS 2TV drama 'Gallery' OST which first broadcast on December 19.


But the Beast remains a problem even if the company founded readers.
Trademark right is the problem.
BEAST team name, such as trademark and copyright license is Currently belong to the cube Beast earlier this year a total of three products that cross the sources soldiers, Advertising, Performances by singer-up, including a finished state trademark registration.
Survive the expiration date of the trademark in January 2026 respectively, the 25th and 23 February, 4May is one day.


Therefore, even if the team name Beast established a company called readers 'Beast' is a story that you can not use. In addition, the number of parts in the songs ve BEAST is presented elsewhere in gyubeu have to pay royalties if fed when.
So is it possible to use the trademark expires after a period of time?
Otherwise also.

2026Years because of trademark rights extend also in the cube when the trademark has expired, team name more literally named Beast is a story that can be used.

The former agency, Cube Entertainment said, "there is no bar when it comes to the Beast will tell readers the company established" for the 29 days own the company said the establishment of the Beast "by the relevant contract is still being discussed," he preached the official position.


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