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Jeong Seunghwan, a fool.’ Simultaneous debut chart olkil’ Music Video

Jeong Seunghwan is silly, I’ At the same time the music charts with his debut olkil and swept the top.
29Two days 0:00 Jeong Seunghwan public debut song 'idiot.’ I am 29 days Melon, Genie, Mnet com, Naver Music, Bugs, Soribada, Ole Music, etc. was ranked first in seven chart Another title song 'The Winter' even Ginny, Mnet, Naver Music, And it located on the second from Ole Music.

Jeong Seunghwan is a fool
Jeong Seunghwan is a convoluted one of the idiot is getting a reputation for being a tremendous power to press all jajakgok propaganda gains and B1A4 of Zico won a new album and announced the day before the top of the chart, the group released the same day myths.

Jeong Seunghwan is a fool

The idiot of Jeong Seunghwan is a story of hard feelings man painfully true music lovers because of the "Ryu Huiyeol 'Hey, I wrote the lyrics to the song.

Jeong Seunghwan is gamyeo drink four bottles of soju at the university pub to hold a sincere heart, you're stupid music video at the time he played a drunk smoke.

Jeong Seunghwan is a fool

Recently honsul are truly fashionable Jeong Seunghwan also said I melt honsul this idiot music video and still images on a drunk night.

Jeong Seunghwan is a fool

Appeal dense lyrical voice was a show well open the door to the birth of a new sensibility vocal music industry, the essence of the singer.

Jeong Seunghwan in the mix with the bass and alto voices seemed to come out is chijamyeon Seongjong I'd uttered in a high baritone in good itself has a substantial physical harm eumyeokdae excellent.

Jeong Seunghwan is a fool
In the unique voice of singer Ho is showing great strength in pungseo As a matter of fact the combined flavors perfect for Koreans orthodox ballad in the appeal and treble.

Meanwhile, Jeong Seunghwan is a singer who recognized the seriousness of the sensibilities and music do not believe that 20 years as a rookie won the runner-up of the SBS survival audition program K-pop Star Season 4.

Jeong Seunghwan is a fool

Jeong Seunghwan was last September 2014 Mnet audition program "Superstar k6 'appeared in haeteotneundeyo So' K Pop Star" in the previous malyijyo.

Jeong Seunghwan is a fool
At the time the hour ring receives a rating of 'voice rang mind "has advanced to the Super Week. Park Pilgyu, Create a group of chocolate chips with Kim Jeonghun neundeyo called the 'she's smiling, but gimhyeongjung of judges was eliminated for being "the team said three colors are too similar to the ordinary musical selection".

Jeong Seunghwan is a fool
Jeong Seunghwan's mother at the time had the support said, "If there is a sincere effort to jeonharyeo vocals than one day will pass his heart," The Jeong Seunghwan was the jaedojeon the K-pop Star Season 4.

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