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My sister came back ses comeback 10,014 years

90년대 걸그룹 양대산맥 ses가 14년만에 신곡을 내고 컴백했다.

ses has released a love story 'Love Story' by the 28th online source site, and started activities.

Ses new song 'Love Story' is a song and a reinterpreting the 'Love' appeared in three regular home of the composer Ryu Youngjin took ses arrangements.
Also, 'Love Story' will ses that have a special meaning that you can look back on a history of such geugup yeokneun the titles of the songs presented during that.

ses comeback

Members with Eugene ses ses new song is released to members of their Instagram last 27 days Eugene, Sea, Shu members are wearing a bracelet engraved on ses sentences with photos holding hands "#SES # ses20 anniversary # # Remake sea Eugene Sue #love 28 November 0:00
14This comes S.E.S music in years -

ses comeback
3Home title song was a remake nicely Love ~!!! 25Minutes sound public!!!
Please Mani Mani example -!!!"Leaving a post that has also announce new song.

ses comeback

Members ses sea Public photos taken with members of your own Instagram and "eighty-nine thousand Bora Pearl Gather!!!!^^ We S.E.S soon I'll be back to your side!~ I remember only the love story of us …?"I left a called article.

ses comeback
In addition, members ses shoe is released new song "Love Story" album photo on his Instagram and "Today's beyond midnight, we heard music from the great music smstation ~!Please listen, "said started to promote new music.

ses comeback

ses the 1990s hubun indeyo from a trio girl group activities until the early 2000s, and then creates a rival Old Finkle was two major mountain ranges of the group what type 1990.

ses comeback

1990Until the late singer in the country music industry haetneundeyo As women are hardly rare teugok of the female singer was the end could one day two or three times a year, was up to 20 times were all from one place in the rankings flexible program, male singers Sweeping.
At the time bakmigyeong, Kang Susie, Sinhyobeom, Uhm Jung Hwa, Ra was it such a time as a female singer who continues to maengmaek

ses comeback
1997November 28 nyun 'in charge 100% ses appeared like a comet through the show, it will be at once emerged as a popular star evoke a huge sensation at the same time as the debut.
Now was freshly made public Im Your Girl tells the story of the lovers began to love after to capture the male fans, I'm your girl. "Said volunteered for all men girlfriend and boldly confess the hearts of girls actively the results It was a great success.

ses comeback
Ses after the 27 May 2002 Eugene nyun open drama over South, Happy Birthday 'to the June shoe changed as a performer began with a one day joint musical performances East biryeon Reenactment.
While after December 19, 2002 at the SM Entertainment in Eugene Enter to leave the SM agreed not to renew the E. means want to own the SES activity was officially disbanded.

ses comeback
Meanwhile ses are December 30 and 31 at a concert alone, Sejong University in Seoul Ocean Hall Remembrance, I'd hold more data, this ses concerts have become a focus of interest as a solo concert in 16 years after the group disbanded.

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